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Why is Gorey School of English different? - Our Town!

Published Lynne on Monday, October 12, 2020

Gorey School Town

I have been thinking about the following question: "How is our school different to other schools?" When I look at all language schools we all more or less offer the same programmes to agents. We all have exam preparation classes, adult classes, mini stay programmes for secondary schools, and Summer programmes, and we are all basically doing the same thing with great teachers and activity leaders. We all have the best interest of the student in mind and want them to enjoy their experience learning English while they are with us.

So really the big difference between Gorey School Of English and other language schools is that we are in the heart of a town NOT a city. Agents seem to prefer to send their students to big cities like Dublin, Cork, or Galway in Ireland but why not try a town? Our town is a commuting town to Dublin so students have the best of both worlds they have the opportunity to become part of a small community and get to know the locals but can also hop on a bus and be in the middle of Dublin city in a little over an hour.

Our town of Gorey which is in the county of Wexford in Ireland which is known as the sunny southeast and we are close to some beautiful beaches and also amazing countryside. Gorey also has its very own local theatre that puts on shows throughout the year with local people who are excellent actors. We also have some great pubs with Irish music played each week. We have lots of great shops and a few supermarkets. We also have lots of great activities and places to visit on our doorstep, surfing, horse riding, bowling, beautiful forest walks, castles, beaches, farms, and lots more.

Our school is in the centre of all this and our host families live all around the town which makes it easy for students to walk to class everyday. Everyone in our town knows everyone else so it doesn't take long to get to know and meet the very friendly local people.

We have students that come back year after year to the same host families and know the town so well that it has become like a second home for them. We have secondary schools that come with their group of third-year students every year and the excitement is always amazing because the group from the year before have told them all about what they will be doing during their stay here. They have great memories of their time in Ireland and especially of our lovely town Gorey. We would love to have agents and schools come and see that there is life outside of the cities and Gorey is definitely a place they should have on their list of places to come to.

Our students and schools that come to Gorey School Of English have all come to us through recommendations from both students and teachers who have visited us over the past five years and they continue to visit us year after year so this proves that we do have something different to offer 😀

At the moment with the COVID restrictions, it is very difficult to travel anywhere so hopefully we will have a vaccine soon and we can all get back to business in 2021 and schools and students can visit us again and make some great memories while learning English.

The testimonial attached to the photos is from a secondary school in Madrid that has been coming to us every year for the last four years.

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