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Learning English during the lockdown at Gorey School of English

Published Bernice on Friday, January 15, 2021 12:00 AM

Learn English during the Lockdown in Ireland

Ireland has gone back into lockdown due to the high rise in cases of covid 19, for this reason our classes are all online.

Our students are doing very well while studying online to prepare for their Cambridge exams. If you have students who wish to continue their exam preparation and would like to have a very experienced native teacher who gives quality English classes please contact us.

Our groups are small between 2 and 6 students in each class so you can be sure the students are getting a lot of attention both during class and after. 

Students learn about every part of the exam; reading, listening, writing, use of english and oral. Every part is studied in great detail.

We also have an adults beginner class where the student starts at the beginning and learns so much that after a few months they can start studying for a Cambridge exam. 

Why not try it out and see just how much an adult  student can learn in a few months with our teacher  .

We are offering the first class free of charge in all of our classes so ask your students if they would like to try it out with no commitment necessary.

Contact us for details.

Take care and stay safe wherever you are and let us all hope that very soon we will be back doing face to face classes and meeting new students again in the flesh. 😀🇮🇪

Photo is of our director working hard behind closed doors.

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