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Good news from IH Galway and a General English offer you absolutely can’t miss!

Published Lynne on Thursday, August 18, 2022 12:00 AM

Good news from IH Galway and a General English offer you absolutely can’t miss!

We hope you’re doing well and getting ready for another exciting conference season. We can only imagine how busy you must be! Members of our own team at IH Galway will be attending the upcoming ALPHE UK conference and are eager to meet and speak with our agents from all over the world.

One topic of conversation will definitely be our new Afternoon General English offer. Now students who wish to take General English in the afternoon can get a cheaper price. This means students get all the quality they expect from an International House school at a much lower price. See our price list here.

We also have accommodation availability for our residential options from October onwards. One of the biggest selling points of IH Galway is that we have our own accommodation ready for students to move into upon arrival. This cuts out a lot of anxiety for students and makes their transition to studying English abroad that much easier.

However, we also want to help you promote other aspects of IH Galway, so we have compiled a series of important and interesting information that you can copy and paste to your own newsletters or social media to advertise our courses to students. Take a look below!

What’s happening in Galway right now

It’s a great time to be a student at IH Galway! The summer season has brought so many fantastic events to our lovely city, including the recent Galway International Arts Festival which featured live music, art exhibitions and shows from some of the world’s greatest performers. It’s always great to see our students enjoying everything Galway has to offer and making memories to last a lifetime.

And it doesn’t stop there! With the sun high in the sky, many of our students have decided to take advantage of the exciting school excursions we have on offer. Our most recent trip was to Connemara on the Galway coast, which is home to the stunning Kylemore Abbey and Connemara National Park. And judging from the pictures our students sent us, it was a day to remember. You’ll never forget seeing the fairytale-like Kylemore Abbey for the first time. A photo by the lake there is definitely profile picture worthy!

We’re already planning the next excursion, but you’ll have to follow our social media to find out more about all our future trips and events.

New season, new events to look forward to!

Are your clients thinking of waiting until next summer to book your course? Why wait? Just because the summer is coming to end doesn’t mean they’re missing out. In Galway there’s always something to do and buses never stop running to beautiful locations like the Cliffs of Moher and Connemara. The ferry to the Aran Islands also runs all year round.

In terms of festivals and events, the Macnas Parade is an absolute must-see in Galway during the Halloween season. Have you ever seen a 20 foot monster wandering a city in the dark? Macnas has made its name by shocking and amazing the people of Galway with their spooky (and surprisingly beautiful) creations. What’s more, the Galway International Oyster and Seafood festival arrives in September and gives people the opportunity to taste some of the best and freshest seafood you’ll ever try. It takes place in September and attracts hundreds of seafood-lovers to the bustling shores of Galway each year. As you can see, there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming months!

Busy atmosphere with lots of new students

At IH Galway we’re experiencing one of our busiest periods ever with more and more students arriving from all around the world. We’ve been welcoming students from a wide variety of countries; from Chile to Italy and Kazakhstan to Japan. Our classrooms are continuing to get bigger and more full of students excited to start their newest challenge. It’s lovely to see so many fresh faces in our halls every day! There’s truly no better place than IH Galway to learn about new cultures and meet people from every walk of life imaginable. Now is the perfect time for new students to join in all the excitement.

Cheaper prices on Afternoon General English

Now you’re probably wondering what our exciting offer is. As you know, our school is filling up fast, but the good news is that there are still some places available in our Afternoon General English classes - and we are offering students a cheaper for this course! IH Galway has the best reputation of any language school in Galway, and now students have the chance to experience this high quality for a much lower price. Our General English classes aim to give students all the skills they need to thrive in an English-language setting, whether that’s for work, education or pleasure. See our price list for more details.

Do you want more free time in the mornings to sleep, work or relax? Then our Afternoon General English courses are the perfect fit for you! A lot of our students who take classes in the afternoons say they enjoy the extra freedom it gives them earlier in the day. One major benefit of our afternoon classes versus the morning classes is that the groups tend to be smaller. This means students you more direct feedback from your teachers and have more time to speak and ask the questions you really need answers to. The Afternoon General English classes are ideal for learners who enjoy a more intimate and personalised learning experience.

IELTS and General English in one place!

Some other important news is that our next IELTS preparation course will take place from September 26th - October 7th with an official IELTS exam taking place in the school on October 15th. If students book your General English course with us now, they may have the opportunity to take IELTS as well! This is a great choice because IELTS provides students with definite proof of their English level. Taking the exam at the end of their course will provide students with a globally recognised English qualification that can be used as proof of English proficiency in both academic and professional settings.

Endless volunteering and work opportunities

Many of our students ask us for information about volunteering and work opportunities in Galway. Well, we’re happy to help! In addition to the festivals mentioned previously (which you can apply to volunteer at!), I-VOL is the national volunteering database in Ireland and advertises volunteering opportunities daily in virtually every industry, from coding tutors to customer service and radio broadcasting. Students can join the database today and start inquiring before they even arrive in Ireland. See their website for more information.

In terms of work opportunities, to find a job in Galway all you have to do is go for a walk through the city and look at the shop windows. A lot of businesses in Galway choose to put their vacancies right in the window so people who walk by can see them and enquire immediately. Of course, students can also find opportunities online via the Galway Advertiser, Indeed or even LinkedIn. If staying busy is important to you, Galway is never short of opportunities!

Feedback on our new morning schedule

Lastly, we’d like to give you an update on how our new morning schedule has been going. We recently changed our morning timetable and students have had very positive reactions so far. If you didn’t know already, our work-study students now only study from Monday to Thursday, which means they have their Fridays free to relax, work and explore Ireland. The extra day has given students more time to rest, so they are fully energised and ready to learn on Monday morning! We’re really pleased with this response and love hearing about how our students are spending their extra day off. Some stories have included meeting up with friends to listen to some traditional Irish music and jumping into the ocean from the iconic Blackrock tower! Please ask for availability for this course before booking.

Don’t waste time, book today!

Now is always the perfect time for students to start their English language journey with IH Galway. This beautiful city is waiting for them!. And don’t forget about our Afternoon General English courses! For more information, get in touch with our team today to learn more about why IH Galway is the right school for your clients’ English language experience and education!

To get more information feel free to schedule a meeting here!



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