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Revolutionizing Student Management: Global Study unveils AI-driven student advisor platform

Published Bernice on Wednesday, October 25, 2023 1:23 PM

Student Advisor empowers agencies to efficiently guide international students, leveraging AI for instant response

Global Study, a pioneering force in AI-driven Study Abroad solutions, announces the launch of Student Advisor, a ground-breaking platform designed to reshape international student management for agencies.

Student Advisor: Empowering Advisors, Transforming Journeys

Global Study introduces Student Advisor, a comprehensive, unique software platform that streamlines international student management. After two years of meticulous development, Student Advisor is available as a web app and from Apple and Google app stores, harnessing the power of AI to redefine the experience of overseeing international students' study abroad journey.

A Multifaceted Approach to Efficiency

This innovative platform marries technology with the human touch, presenting a private, dedicated conversation hub for each student encompassing text, audio, and video communications. Other features include a customizable student journey tracker, integrated document management, student reassignment tools, and instant multilingual translation. An AI Advisor serves as a co-pilot, delivering instant responses to student queries. This AI-powered co-pilot dramatically reduces response times from hours to seconds, unlocking the potential for advisors to guide and enrol more students efficiently. Through all these features, Student Advisor optimizes advisor-student interactions.

Cal Barton, CEO and Founder, said: “Advisors and counsellors waste a lot of time on mundane tasks when managing students. Student Advisor enables them to focus on what requires the human touch. It can massively increase productivity and quality assurance. All communication can be done and stored on the platform. No bouncing around from WhatsApp to SMS to Email to Zoom and hunting for past messages. The Student Journey tracker means essential steps and deadlines aren’t missed. That offers strong quality control. And the AI can do in seconds what can easily take counsellors hours.”

A Glimpse into Efficiency

Student Advisor doesn't just cater to students and advisors; it connects to an admin dashboard for agency managers and owners, offering full transparency into all advisor-student engagements and conversations.

Gregory Sukornyk, CCO & Co-founder, said: "Agencies globally have lacked an all-encompassing solution. Student Advisor fills that void by focusing on communication, document management, and swift responses with our AI co-pilot. It's a game-changer."

Paul Cowles, CTO & Co-founder, emphasizes that "Our journey began two years ago, and Student Advisor is a testament to harnessing AI. While already an advanced AI solution, our enhancements will further solidify our leadership in utilizing AI for student management."

An Evolutionary Path Ahead

In addition to its current features, Student Advisor's upcoming iterations will allow third-party involvement, seamless integration with existing tools, and the customization of their proprietary AI.

Global Study Technology Limited, a UK-based company with headquarters in London and Miami, proudly introduces Student Advisor. A cutting-edge AI-powered platform catering to international student recruitment agencies, schools, and service providers. For more details, visit

Contact Information: Global Study Technology Limited | [email protected]

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