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Global College Malta: Study in Malta and earn the British Degree by the University of Chester

Published Bernice on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Global College Malta is one of the top private institutions of higher education based in Malta, offering a wide range of European accredited degree courses both at undergraduate as well as postgraduate level. Over and above that, we also offer top quality British education in Malta through courses awarded by the University of Chester. Established in 1839, this university is one of the oldest and most experienced higher education institutions in the UK.

So, what are the courses which are being offered through the University of Chester?

Before, going into further detail about the courses, it is important to highlight the fact that all the tuition delivered at Global College is work-based education. Therefore, participants will get a very good understanding of what their industry expectations are.

Master in Business Administration ( EQF Level 7)

This MBA programme is considered to be the platinum standard in management and leadership education. It focuses on the whole person leadership development and its content includes:

1. Transformational Leadership

2. Ethics and Integrity, and

3. Reflective Action Learning

MSc in Management ( EQF Level 7)

This qualification will help individuals achieve their management aspirations by being relevant to the modern work environment. It is delivered by experienced lecturers who together with course content itself, will guide participants through different managing scenarios. The main focus throughout this qualification will be:

1. Case study approach

2. Strategic management, and

3. Relevant skills-sets

Both qualifications mentioned above are accredited at European Qualifications Framework standards and validated by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (Malta). Assessments are based on a mixture of assessment methods, and the maximum duration of the programmes is 18 months, for part-time students. Apart from these courses we will soon be launching another qualification: Business and Administration (Top-Up) EQF Level 6. This is especially designed for students in possession of an EQF level qualification or a Higher National Diploma qualification.

Apart from the extremely varied, interesting and work-based content which these qualifications are made up of, your students should also consider choosing a programme awarded by the University of Chester because:

- These programmes are designed to fit today’s busy lifestyles and lectures are offered after working hours.

- A student support offer is constantly available to help students with their day-to-day necessities and ensure a smooth transition to Malta for international students

- Global College Malta also employs a full-time academic administrator who focuses solely on supporting our students following the University of Chester courses.

- University of Chester students will be invited to graduation ceremonies in Malta and the UK.

- Courses are offered at the highly modern facilities at SmartCity Malta, where the classrooms are equipped with the latest technology and parking is never a problem.

Should any of your students be interested in these courses, or if you require more information, feel free to contact us on or call us on +356 21 801 252.

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