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Gallery Teachers presents the Safeguarding Basic Awareness course

Published on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

With the issue of safeguarding students being the top priority of any educational organisation, Gallery Teachers is proud to present our brand new Safeguarding Basic Awareness course. This course is now open for registrations and the good news is completely FREE of charge.


This course focusses on safeguarding within the ELT industry, however, it does not necessarily have to be ELT. In fact, this could be beneficial for anyone who is working with children, such as group leaders, host families, agents, activity leaders, teachers, or other ELT professionals. We believe that we all have a joint responsibility to look after the students in our care. Raising awareness on how to do this is covered in this course, which deals with the following four areas:

- Safeguarding
- Child Protection
- Prevention
- More Information 


The author of this course, Nigel Heritage, has been involved in safeguarding children for over 40 years, since he first trained as a teacher for children with learning difficulties. He has had to deal with many different safeguarding situations throughout his career which has included working in the UK state sector, in ELT overseas and also in the UK, managing junior summer programmes and for the last 12 years, training. Nigel is a tutor for English UK and is the leading safeguarding trainer and consultant for ELT in the UK. He specialises in student welfare in general and safeguarding and young learners in particular.


This course was specifically designed for anyone who deals with juniors - whether or not they are based in the UK. Nevertheless, the rules and regulations that are used and quoted in the course are UK rules and regulations.

Safeguarding children well is one of the most important things we do for international students and it is very important that we get it right. 


If you would like to take this course, please click here.

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