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Why Malta is your SAFEST English language learning destination for summer 2020. And why Gateway School of English GSE is the perfect place to be.

Published Lynne on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

GSE Malta Safe

Malta is one of the countries that is successfully controlling the spread of the coronavirus among its population. In fact the German rating agency Scope Ratings placed Malta among the top five countries in the world with respect to the ability to resist the Covid-19 pandemic.

World-class medical facilities and infrastructure, excellent national healthcare management and a dedicated and professional healthcare staff led by a team of experts in public health are a few of the many factors contributing to Malta’s successful response to the coronavirus threat. The World Health Organization’s regional director Hans Kluge praised Malta’s public health measures and referred to Malta as a 'country to follow' during the pandemic crisis.

It is no wonder that Malta had earned the title 'nurse of the Mediterranean' in World War I, when British soldiers wounded on the Balkan Front were brought to Malta, which provided hospital accommodation for well over 18,000 sick and wounded. The island’s resources at the time were stretched to the limit. Needless to say that Malta’s experience in setting up top-notch medical facilities dates back to the times of the Knights of the Order of St John in the late 16th century when the Sacra Infermeria, also known as the Holy Infirmary (now a tourist attraction in Malta’s capital city of Valletta), was considered to be one of the best hospitals in Europe and could accommodate 914 patients in an emergency.

Travelling to Malta during a pandemic is not only safe but also promises to be a unique experience. This is an opportunity for visitors to see Malta in summer - the season it is best known for, but with the difference that it will be unusually quiet and not as hectic as it typically is in the peak months. Thanks to social distancing measures which must be respected at all times, students who choose to learn English in Malta this summer will be able to relax on a ‘not so crowded’ beach after lessons - something which is unheard of, especially during the high season months of July and August. This will make Malta ideal for students and families who prefer calmer and less touristic summer destinations.

Why is Gateway School of English GSE the right choice for you?

Excellent location

GSE’s location has always been unique and many of the factors that set it apart from other locations are exactly what make it ideal in times like these. Both the school and the adjacent student residence are located in a calm, quiet, elegant and low-density villa area only 12 minutes’ walk from the busy St Julian’s Bay. This makes it perfect for students wishing to avoid crowded places during the pandemic. Moreover, the neighbourhood has very low traffic, particularly in the street where the school and residence are located, with hardly any cars driving through. Set right next to the St Julian’s valley, classrooms and bedrooms enjoy sea or countryside views, with practically zero noise pollution.

Infrastructure makes social distancing easy

The school is a semi-detached building while the residence is fully detached. Both the school and the residence have large open spaces and patio areas which students can enjoy between lessons and during their free time while maintaining safe social distances from each other. The open spaces are surrounded by fields and there are no other buildings around the patio areas. In addition, bedrooms and classrooms are large in size, meaning that students are well spaced out and not crammed in a small space. Most importantly, all rooms in the school and residence have windows with natural light and ventilation, and some even have balconies. Windows and balconies provide adequate ventilation, minimising any risk of coronavirus spread.

Medium-sized school and residence

The fact that GSE is a medium-sized school with a maximum seating capacity of 120 students and an adult residence with 64 beds is another reassuring advantage for students to keep in mind as they take extra precautions while planning a trip in these unprecedented times. Thanks to the size of our operation, we can guarantee smaller groups in both our classrooms as well as our bedrooms.  GSE will be drastically reducing its maximum group size per class as well as the number of students in each bedroom, in line with the health authorities’ recommendations.

Large, spacious and well ventilated classrooms ensuring social distancing rules.

High level of hygiene

The school and residence have always been kept spotlessly clean, with classrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, the communal kitchen facilities and all common areas being cleaned thoroughly every single day. We are certainly not new to hygienic practices and are well prepared to welcome students to our premises while maintaining an even higher standard of hygiene. Needless to say, hand sanitisers will also available in common areas.

We believe that summer 2020 is the perfect opportunity to visit the safest islands in the Mediterranean at the best time of the year, allowing you to not only improve your English but also to relax and enjoy the lovely warm weather after such a turbulent first half of 2020. We look forward to welcoming you to SAFE Malta and to making your English language experience with us a memorable one, as always.

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