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Intrinsiq Client Focus - Future Learning Ireland

Published Bernice on Wednesday, March 22, 2023 6:35 AM

Intrinsiq Client Focus - Future Learning Ireland

Investing in a school management system like Intrinsiq is something that more and more schools are choosing to do. This week we are going to turn our focus to Future Learning in Ireland. To us, this is a very special school because they chose to invest in their school during the pandemic while everyone else was in panic-mode. In fact, Future Learning have been working with Intrinsiq since September 2020.

Who are Future Learning?

Future Learning is not your traditional English Language School. In fact, they do not just help students improve their English Language skills but also  develop their collaboration, project management, critical thinking and digital skills! Future Learning are known internationally as a pioneer of project based, technology enhanced language learning.

Future Learning are considered to be leaders in technology-enhanced language learning.

While the teaching and learning remains face to face, the entire educational approach at FL is centered around harnessing the everyday devices which students are familiar with and eager to use in the classroom. These devices include tablets, mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, interactive and touch screen boards. FL operates in schools and institutes that cater for their learners' needs and provide modern 21st Century learning environments.

The FL English lessons are renowned for being active and fun with a strong focus on group and project work. They also strive for their lessons to have a strong link between the classroom and their social activity programme.

What does Future Learning specialise in?

Future Learning offer a variety of different courses ranging from summer programmes to adult courses, teacher training, mini-stay programmes and high school programmes. 

In addition FL also offer Transnational Educational programmes which focuses on communication skills, technology-based project-work and intercultural experiences. The technology-based project work means that students will create a record of what they have experienced which will prove their ability to communicate in real-life English using the medium of modern technology. The intercultural experience is also very important and will be combined both with the communication and technology aspects of the course. This is an exchange where students will be set the task of explaining own their culture to visitors in response to what they hear about European culture, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and interest.

What are Future Learning’s Unique Selling Points?

There are various reasons why agents and students should make Future Learning their first choice and here are just some of them;

  • They are the first and only language school to solely offer technology enhanced learning programmes specifically designed by experts.
  • The school directors are experts in the area of educational technology and have a wealth of experience in the  English language sector in Ireland
  • A wide range of high end courses for Young Learners and Adults
  • FL offers high standard student residential accommodation and high quality host families.
  • Their prices are some of the most competitive on the market
  • Their Dublin adult school is one of the newest and most modern language school buildings in Ireland
  • Young and energetic staff that understand today’s teenagers and adults
  • Finally and most importantly they have the highest and most globally recognise accreditation from EAQUALS

Then what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Future Learning today.


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