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French in Normandy: The INBP (Institut National De La Boulangerie P√Ętisserie) Pathway Programme

Published EDU-WorldWide on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Pathway programmes are very popular with students who take courses at French in Normandy. This is because they provide direction for progression both in France or even back home.

Normandy is the perfect place to continue your studies. We are sure that you will be able to find an undergraduate or post-graduate course on one of the international programmes offered by local Higher Education Institutions here in Rouen to suit you.

Why French in Normandy and the INBP?

French in Normandy: Award winning language school French in Normandy is just a short walk from the INBP. We have 2000 students from over 60 nationalities every year and permanent staff made up of 15 highly-qualified teachers. Together we ensure that your future plans will be a success.

INBP: French National Bread baking and Pastry Institute

Founded in 1974, the French National Bread Baking and Pastry Institute is a leading school specialised in adult training for the bakery and pastry sector. The world famous INBP training school has acquired its great reputation thanks to the quality of its training programmes, of its premises and above all thanks to the commitment of its staff. Also, at the INBP our groups are 14 to 16 people maximum.

How does the INBP Pathway Programme work?

This is a simple 3 step process as explained below:

Step 1: French in Normandy - Rouen

You will need to take a French course for a minimum of 6 months in order to reach the required INBP entry level (B2) for the INBP CAP training. While you are studying with French in Normandy you will have a specialised workshop weekly so that you learn some basic culinary vocabulary, how to follow instructions and how to take notes. You will also be taken to visit the INBP, meet the staff and see how their training courses are oraganised. This will be helpful when you go there because you will know your way around and who to ask for help.

Step 2: INBP – Rouen

At the INBP you can choose between three different trainings leading to the State Diploma:

- CAP Boulanger (Bread baking)

- CAP Pâtissier (Cakes, gâteaux and pastries)

- CAP Chocolatier-Confiseur (chocolate and confectionary)

Each CAP training course lasts four and a half months. You can start the courses in August or in January. All the courses content is taught at the INBP Rouen and you will take the national final exam in Rouen too, after completing the training.

Our success rate is very high: 95-100% and at the end of the course, you will also, receive a coveted INBP diploma if you are successful.

Step 3: Internship

If you prefer to complete your training by gaining some real, on the job, experience, the INBP can organise a 10 or 20-week work placement for you. At the end of this period you will have acquired valuable experience and have a reference to prove your ability to meet the requirements of work in the busy atmosphere of a restaurant, pastry or baker’s shop.


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