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Feature Fridays - St Edward's College Malta

Published Lynne on Friday, September 23, 2022 7:30 AM

Feature Fridays - St Edward's College Malta

Can you tell us something about your school?

St Edward’s College, Malta was founded in 1929 and is based on the English Public School Model. Between the ages of 5-16 it is a boys’ college while at sixth form level we are co-educational. Up to secondary school level we prepare students for Maltese examinations (MATSEC) and IGCSE (if the student opts to do these). At post Secondary level we prepare the students for the International Baccalaureate and most of our students end up in top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Bocconi, Trinity College, etc. We offer day studies as well as boarding facilities and the teacher student ratio is i teacher per 7 students. The College has a large and very green campus and we emphasise the need for exercise and sport.

What agents are you looking to work with? 

While the College is very much sought after, we would like to expand our number of boarding students at 11 years and over. We already have a variety of international students at College (33 nationalities at present) and we are interested in expanding our intake from the US and from countries in South America as well as from the Easter European Countries and the Middle East and Maghreb. We already have boarders from Asian Countries and they are also most welcome.

Mention your 3 top unique selling points.

1. Excellent facilities at a fraction of the prices in other countries. Salary scales in Malta are not as high as in other countries and this permits us to keep the fees for boarding low in comparison to other countries such as the UK. This means that a student can attend an English-speaking College and learn through the same language in their own room at a fraction of the price they would pay in other countries.

2. Strong on pastoral care: we follow up on students individually and make sure that they achieve the right study/fun balance. The boarders’ days are planned out in such a way that they have adequate time for study and recreation both on their own as well as in organised groups and activities. Should they wish to participate in activities outside the college, the parents/guardian’s permission would be required and we would make the necessary arrangements for them to attend.

3. A home from home. Malta is a safe country and the college is a very safe place. The campus itself is large and offers lots of scope for internal sports, should the students go out when permitted, the general atmosphere of the country is peaceful and the crime rate is low. St Edward’s prides itself on academic and sports achievement but it also ensures that its students are balanced and relaxed in their approach to life. 


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