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Feature Fridays: L’Italiano Porticando

Published Lynne on Friday, December 2, 2022 7:40 AM

Feature Fridays:  L’Italiano Porticando

Can you tell us something about your school?

1 L’Italiano Porticando was born as a family run school in 2005

2 The idea was to create a place where students from all over the world could feel at home while learning Italian in a friendly, but professional environment.

3 The school is located in an historical building in the city centre of Turin, a few steps aways from the heart of the city – Piazza Castello.

4. All our teachers are native speakers and experts in teaching Italian to foreigners.

5. At school we speak exclusively Italian, this makes part of the communicative method, which proved to be immensely effective over the years of existence of our school.

6. We have a vast variety of Italian language courses. Students may choose to study intensively in the morning with our standard group courses, follow their own programme with individual classes, combine their classes with classes on Italian Culture, or opt for our evening courses for residents.

Besides, you can choose, of course, our online Italian classes!

7.We use our own original textbooks, created with consideration of all linguistic aims essential when learning a new language.

8. We strongly believe that cultural immersion is a powerful tool when learning a foreign language, so we organize free afternoon activities to get to know Turin and its surroundings in order to get our students involved into informal conversation and leave behind the fear of expressing themselves in Italian.

9. The school has been striving for quality in their teaching and services since it was founded. This is one of the major reason why it is part of ASILS, the Association of Language schools for Italian as a Second Language, and Exam Centre for the CELI certification of the Università per Stranieri di Perugia.

What agents are you looking to work with?

Given the continuous growth of demand, we’re looking for agents able to promote our long-term courses, our special programmes for seniors and our summer courses for kids and teenagers “Summer City Camp” and “Junior Summer School”.

Mention your 3 top unique selling points.

. We are a family-run school, not too small but not too big, so also the classes are never too big. We are famous for our individual approach to each student, where we manage to establish contact, working together on their linguistic necessities, insecurities and doubts, if any. At our school no one will feel abandoned on their language journey!

2. As we are convinced that any language should be learnt in connection to the culture of the country, we aim at introducing Italian culture and history to the people from all over the world also with the help of our multiple cultural classes, such as Italian art, music, architecture, history of Turin and so on.

3. Our courses are suitable for all ages and needs, so everyone can find a suitable option. Our standard courses’ groups can be a pretty mix of all ages, but we also dedicate several weeks a year to the students over 50, so they can feel at ease learning Italian with the people of the same age and enjoy a special cultural programme. On the other hand, we also organize a summer city camp for kids and teenagers, where they carefully guided on their language journey in a playful and engaging manner, and introduced to the Italian everyday life! Given the last events, Italian online courses have also had great success! So we have greatly expanded a variety of online options, which now include individual online courses, group online courses and also our cultural online courses on literature, art and architecture for those, who always want to have a piece of Italy with them.





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