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Feature Friday: Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci Rome

Published Lynne on Friday, August 18, 2023 2:00 PM

Feature Friday: Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci Rome

This Feature Friday post focuses on Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci Rome, where the essence of Italy's artistic and cultural heritage comes alive through education. Find out all about our plans here:

Are there any plans in the pipeline, which you can share with us and our followers?

Our greatest plan is always the promotion of learning the Italian language. And beyond that we want our students to be fully immersed in the language during their learning process. After all, it is the entire city of Rome and all of its great beauty that is our true classroom.

Will you be attending any industry events where our agent followers can meet you in person?

As part of the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci group, we participate in the most important workshops in the sector. Our group knows most of our Agents personally thanks to the many workshops. Additionally, with the help of remote technology we are now able to even personalize meetings online with agencies all over the world.

If any of our agents want to reach you, where can they do so?

Our agents can reach me in whichever way they prefer! Whether it be in person during the workshops, online via Zoom, or by visiting our headquarters so as to experience us firsthand. There is also the option of reaching out over Whatsapp, WeChat, or dedicated platforms such as Edvisor or Ally.



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