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Faster English: Are your clients ready for IELTS?

Published Lynne on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Faster English IELTS Ready


At Faster English, we specialise in preparing students for IELTS, ensuring they can get the band score they need for university entrance.


We are an online English language school and have always been online, so we know how to create a warm, engaging learning environment, even when students and teachers are far apart.  Our IELTS course offers:

- 40 hours in 20 x 2-hour modules

- Qualified, experienced native teachers

- Targeted classes to get 7.0+ IELTS band scores

We are looking for new agent partners, particularly those helping students to enter UK universities, to prepare those students for their IELTS exam.  Please email for information about courses, rates and commission.

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