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The FELTOM Trip continues in Japan and Korea...

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, August 3, 2018

This week, FELTOM CEO, Mr James Perry, visited Osaka, Japan with the Maltese Delegation. Osaka, also known as the “nation’s kitchen”, is a cosmopolitan city, 503kms away from Tokyo. It is best known for its dynamic food and drinking culture, and famously outgoing people.

Although a venue has not been decided upon yet, one of the candidates, Osaka Prefectural Government, represented by Mr Masafumi Inoki and Yutaka Yamaoka, presented their project bid to the Maltese Delegation, that they presented in order to host the world expo in 2025.

After this presentation, the delegation went to the Japan Chamber of Commerce, where they had a B2B meeting organised by the Malta Chamber of Commerce and the Japan Chamber of Commerce. There were approximately 31 participants, who gave a short explanation of the sector they represented. Afterwards, a networking event was held which included travel agents, student program organisers and colleges that encourage international studies abroad.

On the same day, Maltese Prime Minster, Joseph Muscat had a formal meeting and press conference with he Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe where he mentioned Malta as an ELT destination during his speech in Tokyo yesterday.

The FELTOM business trip ended with a final presentation in South Korea. Over 30 agents attended, with more than half of them specialising in ELT destination travelling.

The presentation was held at The Plaza Hotel, in Seoul, and was sponsored by Turkish Airlines. Mr James Perry delivered a presentation about Malta, also explaining the visa process for students to work while studying in Malta. The Turkish Airlines representative from Korea explained the new student fare system, with the discounts they are offering.

FELTOM would like to especially thank Mr. Mehmet Gurhan and Mr. Yasin Bekaroglu, for organising this joint venture to promote Malta as an ELT destination, as well as Mr Kwang Yong Ly, Honorary Consul for Malta in Korea, for attending this morning's presentation.

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