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English Language Students Arriving in Malta - Summer 2019

Published on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

English Language Student Arrivals Malta Summer 2019

The tourism industry in Malta will register a substantial increase in numbers during the summer, and part of this is due to English Language student arrivals.  The industry relies on the hospitality of the Maltese public, who is so welcoming of foreigners and accepting of their diverse cultures, for this business to thrive and for students to have a wonderful experience.

The EFL industry in Malta is expecting encouraging numbers for this coming peak season, with estimated arrivals surpassing last year’s.  In 2018 Malta had about 30,000 students visiting the island during the months of July and August. The Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations of Malta (FELTOM) would like to thank the general public for their understanding and hospitality towards this industry.  FELTOM stated that, "as a Federation we are here to ensure that member schools have an excellent standard in their cohesive offering, from teaching to student recruitment, facilities and safety, amongst others."

"Locally, the EFL industry has been operating for more than 40 years, and year after year we provide the students with the opportunity to learn English and explore our beautiful Islands", FELTOM claimed. Malta is seen as a safe, accepting and hospitable country, and this works in the country's favor when parents are deciding which destination they will choose for their children to learn English.  Within this industry, various locals choose to host students and allow them to interact with their families, giving them the opportunity to explore the Maltese culture in everyday life.  In view of the increasing numbers that are projected for this season, the demand for host families is continuously on the rise, and therefore FELTOM encourages families to open their doors to such an experience. Besides the financial gain, hosting a foreign student at home also enriches family life, exposes the hosts to different cultures and possibly even lifelong friendships.

With this in mind, FLTOM urges all stakeholders and residents in the busy areas to be kind and supportive to tourists and language students alike, since these students make part of the future of Malta's tourism industry, while contributing a projected income of €137.2 million to the Maltese economy every year. Part of this income also goes to the accommodation providers, therefore, everyone should work towards the same goal and ensure that tourists are given an excellent service, while welcoming EFL students to Malta. 

While schools are encouraged to foster good behaviour and responsible enjoyment to all their students, it is also important to remember that today’s students are tomorrow’s potential tourists. The memories they make while visiting Malta will be what they recall when they decide their future destinations with their own families.

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