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Getting to know the FELTOM Crew - Rebecca Charlotte

Published on Friday, August 2, 2019

Getting to know the FELTOM Crew - Rebecca Charlotte

Throughout the peak season in Malta, FELTOM does an incredible job keeping all the teens studying English at language schools on the island busy and entertained thanks to the organisation of two parties per week. In today's interview with Rebecca Charlotte we, first of all, get to know the person behind the organisation of FELTOM events, and secondly, we shed more light on the FELTOM teen parties.

How long has it been since you joined FELTOM and how has your role changed since you first joined the organisation? 

I joined FELTOM just over a year and a half ago.  When I first joined, I was given a handover of the events that were done in the past and followed the same path to start off with.  As time passed, I have been given more freedom to create new events and new ideas. In 2018 we increased the number of CPD training sessions that we offer,  we launched our winter events for adults as well as having our first FAM Trip in Malta from Brazil.

There is a lot of room for growth within my role since all schools are searching for new concepts and events and therefore it is always exciting to try new ideas.  This gives me a chance to experiment with new creative thoughts. We are looking into theatre shows and small-scale festivals in the future, so hopefully this will be the new highlight for the coming year.

You are in charge of FELTOM events, can you tell us a little bit more about the events that FELTOM hosts throughout the year?

During the year FELTOM hosts a variety of events. Our biggest event is our annual FELTOM ELT Workshop where we bring 35-40 agents to Malta to showcase our island.  During this event agents have one-to-one meetings with schools, as well as on site school visits, networking events and the chance to explore Malta. In Summer, we also host weekly teen events on both Wednesdays and Saturdays in some of Malta’s best venues. These events provide a fun and safe environment for language school students between the ages of 12 and 17.

For the first time last year, we hosted a FAM Trip and since it was well received by our members, we will bring our second FAM Trip to Malta again this year.  These are more intimate encounters with schools since they consist of 12 agents spending time with participating schools.  In addition to these events, we also hold a variety of CPD Training Sessions for Teachers and Staff members, as well as a variety of Health and Safety Courses, such as a First Aid and Fire Safety.

Lastly, we also hold networking events for our Member schools and sponsors, such as end of Summer, Christmas etc.  These create a good working relationship between the relevant parties.

What goes into the planning of the FELTOM Malta Workshop? And what are the dates of the next one in 2020?

There are lots as aspects that go into the planning of the FELTOM Workshop. We source and invite agents from around the world, and we arrange every aspect of their stay, from accommodation, transport, to activities, evening events, school visits and one to one meetings. We want to ensure they get to create great business connections as well as seeing what Malta has to offer language schools students.

This year the workshop will be held on the 20th April until the 24th April, however more information can be sought on the workshop articles that will follow.

Teen parties are also part of your job. What do these entail, and how many teenage students attend these events?

We have teen parties twice a week in summer, from June until the end of August, which take place every Wednesday and Saturday from 8pm until 11pm. Wednesday evenings we have a Jungle Party at Gianpula Village and on Saturdays we have a Pool Party at Splash and Fun Waterpark. Both events are nightlife activities which feature a live DJ and a clubbing experience. We allow the students to party in a fun and safe environment with other youths from around the world.  All our parties are strictly Alcohol free and Smoking free.

In the peak of summer, the TEEN FELTOM parties can reach over 1800 students from 15 different Maltese language schools. A ratio of 1 leader to 15 students is mandatory as part of the FELTOM Accreditation Scheme, so we also have a lot of staff onsite, as well as 3 – 6 members of FELTOM Staff depending on the numbers on the night.

FELTOM Staff are responsible for signing groups in on arrival, carrying out bag searches and confiscating any liquids and dangerous objects, patrolling the venue to make sure there are no other issues, as well as ensuring the event is running smoothly.

In addition to this, all our events have an ambulance and paramedics on site, and at Splash and Fun Waterpark we also have lifeguards onsite.   

As already mentioned, we have a strict no smoking and no alcohol policy due to the students all being under 18, so it’s very important that we have our own FELTOM Staff on site, to ensure the safe and fun environment that we promise.

We are right in the middle of peak season in Malta. How has 2019 been so far for the local ELT industry?

Malta has definitely seen a decrease in teenagers and an increase in adult students this summer, which has been reflected in the number of students attending our teen events. This year there has also been an increase of students from long haul destinations such as Brazil, Colombia etc. However, overall the industry seems to be having a successful summer this year.

In your opinion, how does the organisation of good events contribute towards enhancing Malta’s reputation as a quality ELT destination?

When choosing a destination, students look at various factors; standard of English being taught, safety of the country, accommodation and what they can do in their free time. 

When agents are sending students abroad, both teenagers and adults, they want to make sure they are going to a safe and secure environment, and that these students enjoy themselves since they bring repeat business. By hosting successful events it gives peace of mind to both agents and families of students that Malta is a beautiful country with high standards and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. We want to ensure that we not only meet expectations, but exceed them.

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