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Published EDU-WorldWide on Monday, October 1, 2018

VAMOS! ESPAÑOL EN ESPAÑA FEDELE WORKSHOP is the new event organized by FEDELE to enhance business between Spanish schools and international language travel agencies and promote Spain as destination to learn Spanish. This year the destination being promoted is Tenerife.

The event started yesterday, 30th September and will end on 2nd of October. The days after ¡VAMOS! ESPAÑOL EN ESPAÑA FEDELE WORKSHOP famtrips to Andalucia, Comunidad Valenciana and Madrid will be organized. During these familizarization trips, agencies will visit schools and cities where the students could also enjoy their linguistic stays.

On Day 1 an expert panel about Japan was held which was followed by Micro Presentations. These involved school delegates and agencies getting to know, and presenting, each other for 1 minute, so everyone will know exactly who is present at the workshop, once it starts. 

Stay tuned so you'll know what's in store today!

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