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FEDELE comes to an end

Published on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The FEDELE 2017 Workshop took place on the Islas Balears, more precisely in Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca between 8th and 11th October. 


This workshop brought together 46 agents from 42 different countries; 5 Korean agents were also brought as guests to this event. Other agents came from Italy, Russia, UK, Germany, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Serbia amongst others. These agents had the opportunity to meet with 30 FEDELE schools in total and 7 exhibitors.


The format of this year's workshop was very different from the usual events. It was in fact the 18th FEDELE meeting but it no longer goes by the name Annual Meeting, instead these workshops are now called Vamos! The participants were not made to book appointments prior to the event, but were given the chance to network and get to know each other during the various walking meetings and cultural tours which FEDELE organised. After that they were given the chance to book appointments with each other and as a result, all participants met with those representatives that they were truly interested in working with. Ana Cozar, Director of FEDELE, commented that despite some initial resistance towards changing the format, the overall feedback once the activities started taking place, was very positive. 


This event was made possible thanks to various associations, including: Agència de Turisme de les Illes BalearsConsell Insular d´EivissaTurespañaInstituto Cervantes, Govern Illes Balears and Ajuntament de Palma.


Next year's FEDELE Vamos! event will be held in Tenerife and before that, the organisation will have various other events including ones for Spanish learning centres during the Malaga Education Week as well as events for teachers of Spanish. 

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