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FEDELE Semana de Espanol

Published Bernice on Monday, June 12, 2023 4:37 PM

FEDELE Semana de Espanol

The learning of Spanish as a foreign language, the quality of teaching, the challenges of the sector, professional training, culture, teachers, language tourism... the entire Spanish language teaching sector in Spain at the same event.

The Semana del Español is a hybrid physical-digital event that will take place from 15 to 18 November in Salamanca with the aim of bringing together language and tourism agencies, federated centers, foreigners, students, teachers and management teams in the ELE sector. It is an event focused on Spanish with multiple objectives: to promote the economic sectors linked to Spanish as a foreign language, to improve the quality of teaching, to promote language tourism and to create a meeting point for all professionals in the sector.

This event will have two central axes: training sessions and commercial activities to close deals between participating schools, agencies and institutions. An event with different agendas, depending on the participant's profile, and open to all ELE professionals worldwide.

Features of the on-site event

It will last 4 days with activities spread over Wednesday 15th and Saturday 18th November, 2022.

Wednesday 15th November- JOINT WELCOME:
- Accreditations
- Congress plenary session and welcome dinner

Thursday 16th November- MIXED DAY:
- FEDELE Workshop - Español en España 2023 with agencies and ELE professionals
- Training activities for ELE teachers

Friday 17th November- PROFESSIONAL DAY:
- FEDELE Workshop - Español en España 2023 with ELE teachers
- Training activities for agencies and ELE professionals
- Gala «Festival del Español como Lengua Extranjera» (”Spanish as a Foreign Language Festival”)

Saturday 18th November- LOCAL MEETING:
- Meeting with students from the host city
- Agents and international teachers visit schools from Salamanca
- Cultural activities in the host city

Features of the Digital Event

Attendees will be able to choose between the hybrid or the digital mode. The digital experience will have the following features: It will be available from 1st July to 31st December 2023.

Users will have access to all live presentations an activities and will have pre-work material available on the portal and promotional material.

It will have an open cultural agenda with virtual guided tours, access to literature, cinema, etc.

A "Private forum for ELE teachers around the world" will be created, where participants will be able to exchange comments, activities, examples and experiences.

Creation of the study "ELE teaching in the world attending to its professionals", in which all users will be able to participate.


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