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FCV Academy providing Academic as well as Football Pathways

Published EDU-WorldWide on Monday, August 13, 2018

Football is not the only focus for students at FCV International Football Academy; their academic studies are paramount to ensure that players leave with more than just sharpened footballing ability.

Established in 1909, Loughborough College is where FCV’s players carry out their study – a world-renowned centre for sporting excellence with a proud and long-standing reputation. Providing an outstanding level of high quality teaching and training across the UK to over 11,000 students, studying at Loughborough College means far more than just gaining a qualification.

Our players are encouraged to shine both on and off the pitch. Andy Motch is the Work Related Deputy Manager for Elite Sport at Loughborough and spoke highly of the relationship between FCV and the college.

“We underpin everything FCV do practically with theoretical understanding,” explained Motch.

“We enhance the understanding for why players do the work they do on the pitch. Players can sit modules in Sports Psychology where they look at how stress, anxiety and arousal can affect their performance.

“Full-time FCV students study the Extended diploma. It is the equivalent of three A-Levels, with a distinction being the equivalent of 3 As, and that will enable you to apply for a sports-based course at pretty much any university in the country.”

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One player who benefitted from the educational relationship is recent FCV graduate, Richard Abel. A stellar second year of study enabled Abel to earn a place at Portsmouth University to continue his sporting studies, studying Sports and Excercise Pscychology. The university is ranked 15th in the UK for Sports Science.

Also voted FCV’s Clubman of the Year, Abel is a prime example that success at FCV can come in more ways than just on the field.

“Richard achieved distinctions in every module in his second year, having come into it following an indifferent first year,” Motch continued.

“He really grew up, matured and settled down, which helped him to achieve the distinctions in the second year.

“He had a really good year with us, got the highest grades on the course which put him in really good stead to get his place at uni. All the tutors said the same thing – that his attendance was great, and his attitude was first class.

“A big thing from the tutors is that even when Richard was injured, his attendance and punctuality remained the same, and that could be extended to the Academy in general. The course allows the lads to focus on something else alongside the football, which can always help with the mindset.”

Another FCV graduate achieving academic success is Beknur Nurlanbek Uulu, who has enrolled into Gannon University in Pennsylvania, USA, to continue both his academic and footballing career, showing that FCV Academy can serve as a pathway for students to succeed all over the world.

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