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An evening with EDEX

Published Bernice on Monday, March 1, 2021 12:00 AM

School in Ireland

On occasion I have these strange ideas and I think lockdown is having it’s effect.   From planning paddleboard meetings to my next idea, honestly you may think it’s hairbrained but I think this is a super idea and I rarely congratulate myself on these madcap ideas..   

I am going to start a series of one to one meetings with agents that are interested.  If you are on my regular mailing list (this is a list where I update agents regularly on what’s happening in Ireland in relation to Covid, education etc) you will be getting details next week but it’s going to be called 


I want to schedule 2 - 3 after hour meetings each week starting in April.. why April, well this has been a tough year, zoom calls, emails, calls etc.. my phone never stops and I think we all need to relax... when we set up our meeting for say 8 pm (after kids are in bed) on the 12th of April, I’m going to send you a bottle of your favourite tipple, Irish whiskey, wine, etc. (who doesn’t like getting post) will get this prior to the meeting and we will share a drink, have a chat and get to know each other a little better without all the corporate sales pitches etc.  if you are in the industry you probably know of us and know how we work so although work will be discussed would t it be nice to JUST HAVE A CHAT !!! I know sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day but let’s make time and put aside 30 minutes/an hour to have a chat.. 

Let me know what you think ? I’ll be emailing agents in the coming weeks with dates and times and if you are up for something different let’s go for it !! If you don’t drink that’s fine too as I’ll send over a traditional Irish treat and we can have a cup  of tea! (I might send an Irish tea bag as well)

Is it lockdown madness or genius.... time will tell....and again if it’s a flop maybe the idea made you smile !!! It’s not all about sales you know, it’s about spreading the love ❤️

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