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European University Credits ECTS from Escuela Montalban

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

You can now gain European academic credits (ECTS) by studying Spanish in Escuela Montalbán in Granada, Spain.

Both the San Antonio Catholic University (UCAM) and the Association of Schools of Spanish in Andalucia (EEA) have agreed to co-operate in the validation by the University of Spanish courses for foreigners given by the member schools of EEA.

The San Antonio Catholic University (UCAM) is a private University located in Guadalupe, in the province of Murcia, founded by the San Antonio University Foundation in 1996. The UCAM offers a wide range of official degrees at undergraduate, masters and doctorate levels. The University also puts special emphasis on non official degrees (titulos propios) and professional training programmes co-operating with associations, companies and colleges on a national and international level.

Escuela Montalbán offers students the following non official degrees and ECTS credits for Spanish courses which are validated and awarded by the UCAM:


Beginner  Intensive A1  3 credits  Minimum 2 weeks
Lower Intermediate  Intensive A2  6 credits  Minimum 4 weeks
Intermediate  Intensive B1  6 credits  Minimum 4 weeks
Threshold  Intensive B2  9 credits  Minimum 6 weeks
Advanced  Intensive C1  9 credits  Minimum 6 weeks
Effective fluency  Intensive C2  9 credits  Minimum 6 weeks

For further informaton regarding the course prices visit our course section

Contact us also for further information regarding the validation procedure at:

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