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Equinox's ties with Spain

Published EDU-WorldWide on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Equinox ties with Spain

Equinox Education Services has just completed a very fruitful week in Spain reaffirming existing partnerships and forging new links with others. Over past number of years Equinox have worked with selected partners from Spain and have built up many strong relationships, both personal and professional. In each instance, we strive to provide our partners with something unique to meet the needs of their students, whether it be a group or one-to-one summer programmes focused on learning English through fun, culture or entrepreneurialism or indeed, individualised academic-year placements, we have a strong record of delivering on what we promise.

It was with this in mind that Noel Doyle, Equinox’s founder and Managing Director, along with Caroline Newport, our International Programmes Manager traveled to Spain this week to renew and strengthen our existing ties and to meet some prospective clients for the very first time. Having both worked in International education for more than twenty years, Noel and Caroline have spent a lot of time interfacing with people in person in many different ways, be it at education forums, fairs or seminars and they can both say without equivocation, that it always works best to take the time to meet people in the own environments. This provides for a much more focused and often, relaxed setting where you can talk open and honestly without distraction. This week’s trip to Spain was no exception, where over five days they met with eight separate clients in Madrid and Valencia.

Some of their meetings served to take stock of our partnerships, to renew arrangements for 2020 and to discuss how programmes could be improved and new ideas  implemented. In some cases they  renewed former acquaintances and in some, they sat down for the very first time to open up a conversation about how they could potentially work together.

Overall Equinox’s trip was successful on many levels and Noel and Caroline would like thank everyone for their wonderful hospitality during the week and they look forward to a successful year ahead. In the meantime Equinox’s goal is to continue to promote  Ireland as a destination of choice for International students not just in Spain, but globally, whilst at the same time bringing new immersive, overseas study and cultural options for our Irish clients.

Next week, Noel travels with Equinox’s International Development Manager, Paul Dunne to Italy to meet existing and prospective partners, with further trips planned for France, Germany, Austria and Asia in the coming months. 

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