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Member Article: Young Learners Programme at English Path

Published Bernice on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 10:30 AM

Young Learners Programme at English Path

Our younger generations are the leaders of the future and EP wants to support their journey right from the start. Our Young Learners programme is full of fun, laughter, learning and memories. There will be moments to learn and moments to make new friends; new things to try and new things to see. 
EP courses are also an opportunity to unlock talent, to build self-confidence and, of course, to improve English language skills. 

We have some fabulous destinations on offer. From cool city sights in London, to seaside sunshine in Malta. From the English south coast to the international city of Dubai. Whichever location YL choose, they will find qualified and experienced teachers, safe and secure campuses, comfortable accommodation and plenty of learning and fun.

The Innovation English Path is introducing this year is the Business course designed for the young business people of today and the leaders of the future. This courses focusses on developing business skills, knowledge and entrepreneurship. The Business students will participate in company visits and projects, which will develop a real life understanding of how businesses work.

The First Course will be launched in our London Stratford Campus in July 2023 for either 2 or 3 weeks and it will also run in our Dubai School starting on the 31st December 2023. It is designed only for groups of Young Learners with an English Level between B2 and C2.

By teaching the key concepts of business, marketing and finance, our young entrepreneurs will be  able to get an insight into their futures as to have a successful career in business or start up their own company. Students will be provided with a collaborative and interactive learning environment and get to immerse themselves in creative project work such as launching a new product or filming a short advertisement. At the end of each week, all Business students will present their projects, putting the business tools they have learned to use. All classes are small sized, providing ample opportunities for students to develop their skills.

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