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English Naturally Passport Refund Offer!

Published Bernice on Thursday, October 22, 2020

English Naturally Passport refund offer

English Naturally, based in Winchester, offer a cash refund to students who come on mini-stays and need to get their first passport. No, you are not dreaming!  The refund is not equal to the full cost of the passport but a good contribution, which students can use as spending money when here. 

What’s all this about? 

As you probably know, ID cards will no longer be valid for travel to the UK from the EU from the 1st October 2021. The date was going to be the 1st Jan 2021, but the government has given a “stay of execution”. Students who want to visit from the EU will need to get a passport from next October.  This is costly and can take a while, we know, so, to encourage students to come to us, we will offer a cash refund of £20 on arrival, subject to certain conditions.

We are not worried that students won’t want to come to the UK after we finally and completely Brexit (verb!), for various reasons:

  • The UK is fantastic and unique!
  • London is London.  No offence to other capital cities, but it is a bit special.  We take all students there.
  • Exchange rates, eg £GB/Euro are likely to be favourable for some time, given the Brexit turbulence.

But we don’t want students, schools and group leaders to be put off. So we are making this amazing offer.

Yes, we are very nice people.

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