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EEC-ITIS Malta – English for Specific Purposes

Published EDU-WorldWide on Sunday, January 20, 2019

English can be learned in various locations and for various reasons. So many people, worldwide, choose to study this language so they can advance in their career, change jobs or even take on a new challenge in life. No matter what the reason may be, EEC-ITIS has the course for you. In today’s article we’re going to take you through the courses of English for Specific Purposes that you can find at our institute.

English for Business and Communication: covers a wide range of business English that is essential to business professionals, such as writing email, letters, minutes, speeches, memorandums, communicating effectively in meeting and negotiation

English for Aviation: designed to help aviation personnel, particularly pilots and air traffic controllers, meet the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements. Achieve and maintain ICAO level 4 language requirements for pilots and air traffic controllers.

English for Medical Professionals: designed with the support of medical professionals (both practising doctors and nurses) and addresses the question of effective, confident communication with patients, fellow doctors and practice managers and staff.

English for Lawyers: covers language and terminology used in international legal processes and legislation to help lawyers communicate more fluently and effectively.

English for Engineers: develops communication skills and specialized English language knowledge for engineers and technical professionals. This engaging series of highly interactive online modules will help students to communicate more confidently and effectively in English.

English for Finance: As the global economy increases its reliance on English as the global language of finance, so CEOs, Financial Controllers and Financial Directors need to master their understanding of written and spoken English within the context of their roles. Whether it is handling major shareholders and investors or addressing the financial media at results time, excellence in English has become an invaluable skill.

English for Human Resources: From recruitment and retention processes, talent management to training and development processes. These areas are becoming more and more centralised. To facilitate this change, HR Professionals not only need to become skilled at understanding all HR processes, but they need to understand how to communicate specific HR terminology and methodology in effective business English.

English for Oil and Gas Industries: English is the international language of co-operation throughout large parts of the sector. New technologies, climate change, resource depletion, the rapid growth in demand from industrialising countries in Asia, energy security and the liberalisation of markets are all issues which both are widely discussed in society and underpin the framework within which the energy industry operates. This course will give you the language and the confidence, not only to discuss such issues coherently but also to operate more effectively in your specific role in English.

English for Tourism: ideal for tourism and hotel workers who wish to advance to an intermediate level of English with a focus on the travel and hospitality industries. It will also be of interest to people with a basic level of English who wish to improve their English vocabulary.

For those students who want to further advance their studies in Tourism and Hospitality, as a Higher Education Institute we offer a fully accredited BA Degree (with honours) in International Tourism and Hospitality Management:

EEC-ITIS Malta Tourism and Languages Institute is a merger of two schools, formally known as Malta Tourism Institute (ITIS) and EEC Language Centre. The Institute is licenced and accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education(NCFHE) and represented in the council of the Malta Association of Hospitality Executives (MAHE)

If you would like more information about any of these courses, feel free to contact us on or You can also call us on +356 21-376-868 or add us on Skype - eec.itis.malta

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