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EDEX: Ramblings of an Irish Director with nothing to say

Published Lynne on Wednesday, August 19, 2020

EDEX Ramblings

Thinking I should write an article but the motivation to do so has been lacking.  The energy level is a little low but its returning as our first students arrive.  This article doesn’t have a lot of focus, more the ramblings and thoughts of a Director after a long day at the airport and a longer 6 months waiting to see what happens at the end of the summer.

Our first students are here, quarantines have begun and so far so good.  It has been a struggle to juggle strict safety procedures here in Ireland with the expectations and anxiousness of parents, perhaps we have been a little strict but apart from the safety of students, host families, schools, etc we have to protect the industry.  We have to be seen to do more than other industries and show that International students that come into Ireland, correctly, with PCR tests and quarantines, pose minimal risk to the communities they are going into.  We want our students to have a great year, they have paid the same as last year's students and deserve the same service but we have had to make sure everyone is safe and the 14 days is the best way of achieving this.  Once those 14 days are over things will return to some normality.

I always knew that the people involved in international education are a good bunch and we all have a similar view on life, travel, etc.  The lockdown and social media groups introduced me to many more people in the industry and showed me another side to people I had met briefly… The “terrible” jokes, the obsession with Eurovision (you know who you are) and the general “Craic” etc was lovely to see.

I’m typing and smiling thinking about some posts and the strange sense of humor that, worryingly may match mine.  I have never met some of the people (not yet at least) but through mutual likes and follows on social media, I feel like “that’s a person I want to have a drink with”… Maybe someday that will lead to a working relationship, but if not, meeting new like-minded people is a reward in itself. It perks you up after a long day to have a quick look at a few positive posts from people in the industry.  Social media does have its uses after all…

So that is 5 minutes of your life you will never get back and really there wasn’t a lot of info about anything but at least you know Ill be in contact to have that drink when I can travel again…..Did I mention I really need a holiday!! On that note, I’m sure Bernice and Lynne will be coming up with a great Network Plus event in the future so I expect to see you there :)

Stay safe all..,


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