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Introducing: ECCEDU’s New York Program!

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

ECCE is expanding to New York! This has been a long time in the making, but it is finally happening and we are thrilled. We’ve been partnering with many global companies and law firms so that next summer, we can be hosting our unique business and law programs not only in Prague and Warsaw but in New York City as well…

This is a ‘unique opportunity to bring the ultimate global experience to participants of our law program’, founder Tomáš Hülle said. There is little doubt that every single global law firm has a New York office, and the New York Law program offers an invaluable peek into the daily routines of leading law practitioners, a chance to hone your legal skills and an incomparable immersion into the legal world.

New York is also ‘the most entrepreneurial focused region of ECCEDU with a heavy focus on tech and startups’, program director and New Yorker Philip Delvecchio explained. The business program will ‘put more emphasis on the financial sector and entrepreneurial ecosystems than anywhere else’, Hülle added. Internships will be more hands-on than any other program and students will get the chance to grow in a remarkably dynamic environment, where they will learn about the functioning of global business and industries and meet successful business leaders.

ECCEDU’s practical approach to education, with its three weeks of practical courses and its three-week-long internship, will enable students to gain real-life experience, engage with leading professionals in the region, build their network and heard about leaders’ real-life experience. Whether you’re a student of law or business, or a motivated individual keen to learn more about the legal or business world, you can look forward to an incredibly enriching experience working with SAP, WeWork, the Harvard Law Association, SalesForce and many more!

By launching ECCE’s law and business summer programs in New York City, we want to spread our philosophy and the unique educational experience that we bring every year. And this time, we also invite you to come discover another universe.

In the words of our New York Program leader Philip Delvecchio: New York is ‘one of the greatest cities on the planet with unending opportunity. There is a reason people say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Why settle for anything less than the best?’

We look forward to this amazing experience!


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