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EAQUALS grants CASTEL the Gold Star

Published on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Castel Education is now an accredited member of EAQUALS. For years, Castel has endeavoured to maintain the highest possible standards and these efforts have now been recognised by one of the most influential and prestigious organisations in the ESL industry. 


It is safe to say that during the inspection process, no stone was left unturned. From beginning to end, all EAQUALS representatives were professional, thorough and demanding in their pursuit of excellence.


After EAQUALS’ visit to Castel, the inspectors identified points of excellence in the following categories:


Course Design and Supporting Systems

It is an excellent example of application of academic management and coordination, with supporting systems.


Assessment and Certification

It is an area of excellence because of the quality assurance incorporated into the in-house assessment and the amount of individual support which is available if necessary.


Academic Resources

Academic Resources are excellent because of the attention given to quality assuring the in-house materials. This is not just a monitoring activity it is bringing in objectivity from an external source.


Learning Environment

Learning Environment is an area of excellence because Castel Education provides a very safe environment for CPs and staff to work.


Client Services

Client Services are excellent because the host families not only provide accommodation but also other services to ensure the wellbeing of the students. It is excellent because every effort is made to meet the needs of the students who have access to a wide variety of social activities provided at no extra cost.


Staff Profile and Development

It is an area of excellence due to the exceptional commitment to and support of developmental quality of staff performance in its CPD programmes, particularly for teaching.


Overall, the accreditation process was rigorous and intricate; however, with EAQUALS’ incredibly high expectations and their perfectionistic approach, a language school will undoubtedly benefit from the experience, regardless of the outcome. We are delighted to have come out the other side with a nod of approval and we are now looking at developing further and growing our organisation with the backing of an industry giant.

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