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Bringing Distance Learning closer to you

Published Bernice on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Distance Learning for schools

Over the past weeks, many schools have been asking us about our recommendations for moving online so that they can continue giving lessons to their students remotely. For this reason we have been working closely with our trusted Software partners Intrinsiq so as to answer some of the main questions that you have been asking us. So here we go…

Is it possible for a school to integrate Online Learning with their CRM?

Intrinsiq can do two important things. Firstly, it enables users to upload documents into the system. That way, if a teacher wants to set a task, or give homework or ask students to read something in preparation for the lesson, this can be done through the system, hence keeping a record of all the material that is used for the online courses.

Secondly, we can also integrate with Zoom, which is a very popular video conferencing platform. 

The good news is that this can be done at the click of a button. Basically Intrinsiq clients can allocate a normal class in the system and, with just one click, send out an email to the student and the teacher with a link for the online lesson, the time and any other important notifications.

If a school is currently using another CRM system which doesn’t enable this, would it be possible for them to integrate this feature into their existing system just the same?

Yes it is possible. We can create a student portal that can link the data from the existing system and link that to Zoom. Of course, we would still recommend a full data migration from the existing system to Intrinsiq, because it would make things easier for the client. 

It is also important to remind our readers that Intrinsiq is cloud based and accessed from anywhere.

How long will it take for a school to have the distance learning feature and for them to be able to start using it if they are not Intrinsiq clients yet?

For new users the time frame is about 6 weeks, which is the time taken until the system is in place including the remote learning option.

For existing Intrinsiq users this would take 3 weeks or less.

How much will it cost a school to start with the basic IQ features that also include distance learning?

The basic starter pack will include Classes and Accommodation Allocation, Basic templates for Students, Teachers and Invoicing as well as the  distance learning integration. This will only cost around £500 per month.

More information?

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