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Digital marketing through video

Published on Friday, March 24, 2017

The student decision of where to study is now mainly driven by lifestyle choices and perception. Students want to know what their experience will be like at any given institution in another country. What does it look like? What can you do there? What are other students like them saying about it? As educators and marketers, we are constantly striving to convey this information in an authentic manner, which is exactly what video can do.


For millennials (also known as "Generation Y"), video is the primary source of information, even before text on websites or in school brochures. Nowadays, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Video also provides a higher form of engagement as well as an emotional connection. According to Hubspot, video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019.


Given this trend, it is no wonder that video is one of the fastest-growing areas of digital marketing, and with new innovative ways such as virtual reality, video now enables brands to present content in more captivating and trustworthy ways more than ever before. When used in the right way, the power of video lies in the ability to transport students from anywhere in the world to your campus and excite them about the possibility of studying with you. The key is authenticity. Prospective students are not looking for exaggerated commercials but rather for videos that offer a real glimpse into the culture of your school. Connect them with their peers, let them meet your teachers and staff, show them what the real student experience is like, open the doors to your accommodation and also show them your fun and social programmes.



Last September, ICEF launched ICEF Media, a new division that offers expanded video and digital marketing services to the international education sector. ICEF Media helps education clients around the world to achieve real results with their student recruitment initiatives. From corporate videos, to interviews, school video tours, event coverage, video testimonials, video training and much more, ICEF Media is committed to quality and to conveying an organisation's brand strength through video.


"ICEF has a unique position in that we work with schools from around the world. We see what is effective in their marketing and recruitment efforts. We are then able to share those best-case practices with others. ICEF Media is no different. We are using what we have learned about how schools can effectively build their brand through video and we are sharing that with our clients" said Mike Henniger who is VP of Sales and Marketing at ICEF.


What sets ICEF Media apart from other video production companies is the engagement and support clients will have throughout their experience. With well-equipped education industry experts leading the process and the utilization of ICEF's global reach and agent network, this full-service agency is committed to video solutions that get results. ICEF Media is run by Florian Schäfer, who has over 10 years of experience producing video content for international student recruitment.


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