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Day 2 at the FEDELE Workshop in Ibiza and Mallorca

Published on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Yesterday's first few hours of the workshop consisted of agents visiting school tables, however the tables were set up in an interesting format. Each region grouped together its member schools and together they prepared a presentation on their specific destination, as you shall see in this video below:



Once the Destination presentations were over we made our way by bus to the Old Part of Ibiza - an incredibly beautiful place which once again confirmed my initial impression i.e. that Ibiza was nothing like what I had imagined it to be. Various activities were held during these walking meetings in order to ensure that networking is taking place between the schools, agents and exhibitors, and one of these was a role play type activity were schools and agents had to reverse roles and solve a hypothetical issue between them. Here's a clip giving you the gist of what was going on.



And here is the conclusion that one of the groups reached!! :)



Following this fun-filled morning we had lunch and made our way to the airport in Ibiza to catch our flight to Palma de Mallorca. A short 20-minute flight later we landed, were transferred to our hotel, got ready for dinner, and off we went again. This time we had the opportunity to explore a bit of Mallorca by night as we walked through the quaint streets of this beautiful city. The peak of the walking tour was when we reached the Basilica de Sant Francesc - a gothic style church in the heart of Mallorca.


"You enter through lovely & peaceful Gothic cloisters with orange and lemon trees and a well at the centre. Inside the church is the tomb of Ramon Llull (1235-1316), the Catalan mystic who became a hermit following a failed seduction attempt and was later stoned to death attempting to convert Muslims in Tunisia. His statue can be seen on the Palma seafront. Outside the basilica is a statue of another famous Mallorcan missionary, Fray Junípero Serra, who once lived in the monastery here. The streets behind the church, once home to jewellers and Jewish traders." (Taken from: See Mallorca )


After a lovely demonstration by the kids who attend school and are boarded at the monastery, the evening came to an end with a spectacular show of Mallorcan cuisine presented by the schools of the region!


A full night's rest....and we're now ready for the third day of #vamos!

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