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Custom Reporting with Intrinsiq

Published Bernice on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 12:00 AM

Curtom Reporting

Last week we spoke about the importance of student data, and this week’s article will also focus on data, however, we will tackle a different side to it. Anyone who is deep into the subject of Marketing would appreciate the value that data has in various aspects of our job. We use data when it comes to interpreting new and emerging trends; we use data when it comes to forecasting; we use data to analyse agent performance or changing territories. In other words, in Marketing, we love data….and at Intrinsiq we love it too! 

Analysing Agent Performance

At just the click of a button, schools are able to track agent performance. Thanks to this tool, schools can ensure that they reward the right agents appropriately based on their performance and the number of students that they manage to send to the school over a specific period of time.

Convert Leads into Sales

The Intrinsiq platform allows you to interpret enquiries, which is helpful to identify whether there are any gaps in the communication process. Intrinsiq also helps you to automate and integrate your systems to maximise your return and therefore, convert more leads into sales. All at just the click of a button!

Powerful Reporting

Sometimes, in business, when you feel that you’ve reached a comfort zone, it is good to ask yourself whether there’s more that you can do..and the probability is that such a question will open up new possibilities and lead to growth. The Intrinsiq platform can help you interpret such possibilities thanks to its powerful reporting. 


Forecasting is a tool that any school appreciates because it is something that not only helps to give an overview of class numbers in the future, but it also enables Sales and Marketing Departments to identify those markets that need a bigger push, or those areas that they need to target more efficiently. Having a tool that is integrated in your School Management System and which enables you to do just this, is a very efficient way of helping school staff to do their forecasting even when based on seasonal or annual cycles, hence helping them to also allocate their marketing budgets more effectively. All at just the click of a button!

Intrinsiq was built for schools! Contact us today

In short, powerful reporting helps schools save time, money and resources. Most providers, even those offering off-the-shelf products, might have something similar embedded in their School Management System and this might be able to shed some light on one or more of the areas discussed above. However, the problem with off-the-shelf products is that they were not built for your school, and as we know, all schools are different and are run differently. That is why Intrinsiq is ideal.

For any matters related to School Management Software Systems, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Intrinsiq team on to set up an appointment.

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