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Monthly House Cup Challenge

Published Bernice on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 12:00 AM

Monthly House Cup Challenge at Merrick Prep

Merrick Preparatory School promotes a cohesive and inclusive family atmosphere. Our House System contributes to this by promoting teamwork, creative problem solving and school spirit. Upon arrival to MPS, each student is placed into one of three Houses. Each month, Houses compete in fun activities to earn points towards the annual awarding of the House Cup.

Here are our three houses (=teams):

Barnard House
Louis and Francois Barnard are the owners and founders of Merrick Preparatory School. Originally from South Africa, Louis and Francois came to Canada in the mid-2000s to establish educational organizations.  In 2012 they established Merrick Preparatory School in Merrickville. Louis and Francois’ vision, strategic positioning and diligent application of sound business practice has allowed Merrick Preparatory School to grow from its early beginnings into the highly regarded and rigourous academic institution it is now known for.

Rickers House
Don Rickers is the founding Headmaster at Merrick Preparatory School. Don worked at the school from September 2012 to September 2014. Don’s energy, vitality and enthusiasm to lift the school off the ground was critical for the school’s success. His commitment and dedication to the school and its core values allowed the school to blossom in its early years. 

Clarke House
Gary Clarke was a visionary like our founders, Louis and Francois Barnard, and our name sake, William Merrick who founded the village of Merrickville. Gary was, in many ways, the builder of our school campus. He re-habilitated the original 1861 stone building and added the dormitory, lobby, kitchen, and classrooms, along with the Kilmarnock classroom and science lab building in 1991.

In November Students hat to face the following HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE - PASS THE BALL. The task was to make a video of passing a ball between your Housemates. Have someone throw you a ball from off screen, you catch it and then pass it off screen to someone else in your House, until all House members have caught (and thrown) the ball. Make it funny, interesting, creative, and theme it to your House. Feel free to put it to music or to a voice over telling the story or doing “colour commentary” like a sports caster calling a sports play.

So, the staff decided to join in this time and created its own video. Check it out here:

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