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MC (Manor Courses) offers a new Course focussing entirely on creativity and performance

Published on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Manor Courses offers a new Course focussing entirely on creativity and performance

Last week MC publicly launched our pioneering Performing Arts Course for the second season. Over the last 2 years we developed and launched this dedicated creative Course in the weeks leading up to UN’s World Creativity and Innovation Days.

Who is this course for?

In 2018 MC were honoured to be selected by a new agent to deliver a fully structured Performing Arts Course. This suited us because we always have the skills and passion in the team, and amazing theatre facilities on our Hurst campus, near Brighton, UK.

Seeing the success of the Course, we now offer it as an alternative to our long-running general English Language Course, for all our young learners and teenagers in 2019. The Course is residential at out international Summer School, which our family have run for 48 years.

Our ongoing dedication to promoting creative environments

So what was new? MC has always had a high profile and successful approach to performing arts. We have organised talent shows ever since 1970! Dance, drama, arts, crafts, music, animation, circus skills, stage combat have all featured as optional sessions for many summers.

With a whole week dedicated to this, we now give the opportunity for our learners to focus on the processes. They put more effort into, and get more learning out of the process. This concept forms the building blocks of their syllabus.

The structure of this Course

Students have always had the opportunity to shine, and show off their achievements and accomplishments at MC. But since summer 2019 MC offers both input sessions and output activities daily, enabling students to express themselves and be equally recognized at all stages in the process.

To do this, students have a fully dedicated week to build on these input and output stages. For these creators and performers, that means replacing the morning’s general English lessons with specific content essential to each afternoon’s output.

So what does this Course consist of?

On this Course, everyone enjoys a whole week before any final performance or presentation. From the beginning, the Course builds confidence, inspires spontaneity, and stimulates imagination. Our leaders adapt sessions to the group’s and individuals’ desires, needs and talents, and divide the students up, so they are involved in different roles.

Through the week, all participants begin with guided discovery sessions; then progress to skills development sessions; involving everyone in different parts of the preparation, promotion and record-keeping; before culminating in personal expressions and coordinated group work in a final showcase.

In 2019 MC invites all its students to create, and to manage and control the process

This year, more than ever, we encourage our students to be heard, and be seen. We invite agents, educators, families, and children, to come along this summer to find how MC identifies and targets talents in each student. Together lets watch each child set and reach individual and group goals over their stay at Hurst.

Agents can book a 1 or 2 week course for any period in summer. Individual students can enrol from 1-8 August 2019.

Find out more about the Course’s aims and goals on our website.

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