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Covid Group on Facebook - EDEX

Published Bernice on Friday, May 22, 2020 12:00 AM

Covid Group EDEX

We are looking at the protocols we have to have in place this coming September when our academic year programmes, hopefully, will start again.  We may have 2 students, we may have 200 but the protocols have to be the same so it’s time to plan.  I have never started a group on FB but I feel it would be good to share ideas on what agents, friends, schools etc around the world are putting in place.  If you are interested join the group and maybe we will learn something new.  The more people looking at a challenge the better.

Each country will have their own regulations, I feel that if (speaking about Ireland) all agents adhere to an agreed best practice we will show solidarity, professionalism and stability.  The High school sector is not regulated in Ireland so we as agents have to take this initiative.  We need a minimum standard agreed by all and anything above that standard each agent obviously organizes themselves to give themselves a market advantage..

As agents we have to be sure that our reputations are protected and it just takes a couple of irresponsible actions to put the sector as a whole in jeopardy.  Perception is key as international students coming into a town will obviously be a talking point in these times.  It’s time to help companies that are overwhelmed by this so that all are up to standard, not a time to worry about our local competition as this is about the safety of our students, staff, families and brands..

So this group is about asking questions and discussing strategies.  If someone wants a Zoom call, we will set one up.  I know I am called by Irish and International agents every few days to discuss something regarding the virus so this will be a way of sharing information, worries and ideas for anyone that is interested and may not know where to go for information.  Of course every agent will be striving to have the best protocols in place but it can be a lonely time and better to be doing this together than apart…

There are groups everywhere at the moment so I won’t take it personally if no one joins 😉 if you think someone would like to join please share.

You can find the group on our EDEXIreland page

The group is Covid 19 academic year protocols 2020/2021 … Sorry it doesn’t really roll of the tongue.

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