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Costa de Valencia: Spanish language students reach their end-of-course

Published EDU-WorldWide on Thursday, July 19, 2018

Spanish courses in the 2017/2018 promotion are holding their graduations in June 

Valencia. The end-of-year period is drawing near for most students these weeks: children, teenagers, college students, etc. Students who are taking long-term Spanish courses aren’t an exception, and after a full year doing their best in order to practice the language and improve their skills, their graduation has finally arrived.

At the Spanish-language school Costa de Valencia, they’ll say «see you soon!» to 4 different groups made up of students between levels A2 and B2, after having started their classes in September. It’s been almost 10 months of lessons that, complemented with homework and sociocultural activities, are paying off, letting students improve their knowledge of Spanish considerably when compared to their level when they first started studying it. Furthermore, if students wish to continue their studies where they leave them this month, the school will keep its doors open so they can keep studying after the summer.

There have been many students this year, highlighting Erasmus students and AuPairs. Foreign students consider Spain as a top destination in order to study under the Erasmus program, and Valencia has 2 of the 6 universities that most European students receive in Spain. Moreover, the number of young people who choose to live the AuPair experience keeps getting greater and greater, traveling to another country in order to achieve work experience while fully immersing in that country’s culture. Despite Spain being the country that sends out the biggest number of AuPairs, it’s also a popular destination for those who want to become an AuPair in Spain, where they’ll take care of a family’s children in exchange of enjoying free accommodation.

On top of that, this year the school gave a warm welcome to 4 foreign students, in collaboration with Caritas Internationalis, offering them one of these Spanish courses for free, so they can improve not only their Spanish level, but also the way they approach Spanish culture and integrate in it, given the risk of social exclusion they face. This collaboration paves the way for Costa de Valencia to carry out charity projects in the future, at the same time they keep receiving students from all around the world, preparing for the long-term Spanish courses in the 2018/2019 promotion.

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