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Summer reaches its peak and so does the diverse activity program of language school Costa de Valencia, escuela de espaƱol.

Published EDU-WorldWide on Thursday, August 15, 2019

Costa Valencia Activities

A variety of free time activities are offered to the school’s international students in order to make their stay not only an experience of linguistic, but also cultural immersion. Besides cultural excursions to Valencia’s city center, which are accompanied by teachers of the accredited Center of the Cervantes Institute; local festivities and spectacular events like “la Tomatina” can be visited.

Now Cova Tallada, the program’s highlight, is waiting for the students!

Cova Tallada is a once man-made cave that is now a protected tourist attraction in Javea on Spain’s Costa Blanca. We will reach the cave hiking along Javea’s cliffs with a great view of the sea. Arriving at our destination, the students can discover the beautiful cave surrounded by crystal-clear water.

Having taken a break, we will continue our trip to Javea, a nearby port town. Javea is famous for its festivities called “Bous a la Mar”, which is a special kind of bulls run. To finish our trip as exciting as it started, we will invite the students to watch this spectacle and eat typical Tapas prepared with fresh seafood.

Experiencing the Spanish culture by visiting its monuments and festivities will help students to complete their learning experience and give them a fresh start into the next week of Spanish classes. True to Costa de Valencia’s motto:

“Ven, aprende español y… ¡vivelo!”

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