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Charity begins at Home - IH Newcastle Internship Scheme with OXFAM

Published on Thursday, May 18, 2017

International House Newcastle have made a decision to turn their unpaid professional internships for EU students into a way to help major charities by not only offering  the extra ‘hands on’ helpers  but in addition donating  the internship placement fee to the charity involved.


Patricia Mullen ,Executive Director commented ‘We have been offering professional internships to students for many years and started to realise there were often requests from prospective clients to learn English and  work as volunteers in caring organisations such as Oxfam. We thought about this and decided why not really go ‘one step further’ and offer this opportunity with the added benefit of donating the £300 placement fee which we charge for arranging the internship to the charity. We have already agreed this with Oxfam who are delighted and willing to offer experience in many areas – sales, marketing , administration to name but a few. We will be working closely with them over the next few months to formalise an agreement which we can then market to our agents and clients. Soon we are also hoping to offer a similar agreement with other charities who concentrate on different causes ( WWF, RED CROSS etc) to offer a wider scope. We are very happy to have found a way to contribute towards a very worthwhile cause and at the same time offer our clients the opportunity to learn English and actively contribute towards helping others’


We are very pleased with this initiative which we can only see as win/win for all involved.              

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