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Creating openings for a change in mindset with Avanza Training Academy, Malta

Published Bernice on Friday, June 25, 2021 12:00 AM

Creating a change in mindset

Through the challenges encountered during the latest pandemic, historical moments like these call for a change in perspective. Simply returning back to “normal” is no longer a choice. Through the unprecedented disruption, sadness and suffering, our perspective of human fragility has shifted. Amongst the devastation, lies an opportunity for reflection, growth and innovation. A chance to rebuild our communities and wider societies. We can either spend our time reminiscing and what has been lost, or, we can focus on what is yet to be created. Which mindset will you choose?

At Avanza Training Academy in Malta, we have chosen to look forward by strengthening the networks we have within our learning community. To ensure that “next time” there is large-scale disruption we are fully prepared for any storm that comes our way. As a learning community, we have taken this moment to reflect on our service, in addition to, the meaning of interpersonal intelligence as an education provider. Defined as the ability to show objectivity, compassion and kindness are all hallmarks of strong interpersonal intelligence (Gardner, 1983). Adopting these critical qualities enables all of us to work effectively in a pro-active manner within our personal and professional lives. Becoming self-aware of interpersonal intelligence and the fundamental role it plays when working within teams and social networks, are the universal skills employers are looking for.

At Avanza Training Academy, the time has been taken to develop a suite of short-applicable professional development opportunities. A range of seminars and workshops specifically designed to focus on improving the interpersonal intelligence of our students. Whilst studying at Avanza, students can choose from a variety of contemporary topics to enhance their interpersonal intelligence;

  • Individual Intelligence;
  • Becoming an active and empathic listener within teams;
  • Identifying with human behaviour within context;
  • Harnessing social skills;
  • Navigating difficult conversations; and
  • Trustworthiness and compassion in the workplace

We look forward to welcoming you to our learning community. Study with us, choose from our portfolio of professional development workshops and seminars.

Advance your career with Avanza Training Academy! #ThisIsAvanza

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