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Interviewing Campus Perth, Australia

Published EDU-WorldWide on Thursday, June 7, 2018

In today's interview we shall be speaking with Jasmine Kemp from Campus Perth in Australia. We will look at their Unique Selling Points and also at what they have in store for us between now and their opening date in 2019.

S&A: Campus Perth is set to open in 2019. Where did the idea for this student accommodation come from and what can our agents expect their students to see on Campus Perth?

C.P: In all other states of Australia, there are PBSA (purpose built student accommodation) to cater for intercollegiate life. Our parent company, GCP Hospitality saw a gap in the Perth market and after opening their highly successful Campus Hong Kong student accommodation, Campus Perth was born. Agents and students can expect to see 4 types of rooms; Campus 4, Cluster 6, Twodio and Studio which all include private bathrooms and kitchenettes. Other facilities include free WIFI, 3600sqm of social and common space, roof top terrace with barbecues, a fully functional gym with yoga and fitness studio, music room, large communal kitchens, lounge areas and more.

S&A: What would you say are your unique selling points?

C.P: The intercollegiate way of life, design and technologically focused, 3600sqm social and communal space, air conditioning and our signature Campus 4 design.

S&A: How is Campus Perth different from other accommodation options?

C.P: Campus Perth has a unique design based on lifestyle and technology. We have huge communal spaces that encourage students to make new friends and have an engaging student experience. We are also providing flexible contracts, from under 90 days, 12-21 weeks, 22 weeks, 44 weeks and 52 weeks to suit all types of students.

S&A: What does Perth have to offer as a study travel destination?

C.P: Perth is an amazing destination for students. Currently, Perth has the most culturally diverse mix of students and has been ranked the best value city in Australia according to Economist Global Liveability Ranking 2017. Perth is also know to be the friendliest city in the world by CN Traveller and have been ranked the #7 liveable city in 2017. Another bonus of living in Perth is that students receive 40% off public transport fairs!

S&A: What is your target market?

C.P: Our target market is 60% onshore students, 40% offshore students from the ages of 17-27.

S&A: Will you be present at any industry events throughout 2018?

C.P: Yes! We are going to attend as many industry events worldwide as possible, including the following:

Skills West Expo – Perth – August

Cinefest – Perth – August

Tourism Australia – Roadshow to Frankfurt – September

WYSTC - Edenborough – September

AFUEE- Taiwan – September

AIEC – Sydney – October

ICEF – Beijing – October

AFUEE – Korea – October

ICEF – Berlin – November

S&A: How can our clients and followers get in touch with you?

C.P: By contacting our Campus Guru – or by visiting

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