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COVID-Safety at Stonyhurst Language School

Published Lynne on Wednesday, November 18, 2020

COVID Safety Stonyhurst

COVID-Safety has been the main priority in all educational settings over the past year. Ensuring that students and members of staff are safe is now imperative, and at Stonyhurst Language School this remains our central focus when planning for our return next summer.

The fact that the school is located in a rural area, has made our job a little bit easier. As stated in our FAQs on COVID-Safety Measures, we are confident, whilst adhering to Government Guidelines, we will still be able to provide activities and excursions by following the necessary precautions. By doing so, all those attending our summer school, can enjoy the beauty of our surroundings and get the immersion experience that they signed up for.

Stonyhurst College forms part of the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA). We have been working closely with the organisation to plan for the safe return of our students. The COVID-Safe Charter which the BSA have published is proudly being followed by our schools. We pledge to maintain full compliance with all Government rules and guidance to meet the requirements stated in the Charter. 

This BSA COVID-Safe Charter gives parents and pupils the confidence to trust that our school is taking appropriate measures to ensure that the classrooms and residential accommodation are a safe place to live and work. As stated on our website, “by officially following the Charter, as a boarding school we will be maintaining the highest standards of welfare for the children in our care.”  This is because it includes all the steps needed to be taken before reopening schools, how to handle domestic and international pupil arrivals and how to maintain safety at all times while all pupils and staff are in our school.

Should your students be interested in coming to Stonyhurst Language School, please feel free to contact us on We will also be able to give you our FAQs to help you answer any questions that parents or students may have.  An important point to mention is that we are willing to discuss refunding in the case of enforced closure.

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