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Come to Becari Conzatti during “Martes de Brujas” in Xoxocotlan, Oaxaca.

Published Bernice on Friday, February 16, 2018

When lent starts, every night is a celebration  in Xoxocotlàn, a small town which is about 30 minutes from Oaxaca City. 


It is a great experience to come to study Spanish to Oaxaca during this time of the year, and enjoy this unique celebration. Besides, there is not a lot of tourist, so you can also enjoy the city of Oaxaca.


Also the weather is very nice,  it is cool in the mornings and nights, and warm  and sunny during the day.


Martes de Brujas is a very old traditional celebration that happens in the Zócalo of Xoxocoltán. 


People visit the town and enjoy the best “tamales Oaxaqueños” and “atole”.


It is and inheretance from the colonial time, when the Zapotecs (indigenous group of Oaxaca) were force to do it, during the construction of the Catholic Churches. 


During lent, the catholic church does not allow people to eat meat so tamales and atole was a good option. 


 Nowadays, “Martes de Brujas” is a great cultural and artistic event that happens during six Tuesdays before lent.


There are some famous singers  or group of singers that are invited to  participate. The concerts start in the evenings and they are free. 


The lamps and the candles represent the “Brujas”. 


You can register for one week, in the Regular or Intensive course and it includes the transportation on one Tuesday.

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