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Welcoming College Green Language and Study in Dublin to the S&A Platform

Published Bernice on Thursday, March 16, 2023 7:23 AM

Welcoming College Green Language and Study in Dublin to the S&A Platform

We are delighted to be new members of Schools and Agents. We followed the Facebook page, watched the Intrinsiq interview between Bernice and Jonas and then signed up quickly!  The warmth and enthusiasm we observed, matched our expectations of our ideal partners and friends, so here we are!

CGLS is Dublin’s newest school in the ‘garden of Dublin’, on the international English language school map. We are a new school with over 25 years’ experience in the language learning industry; we bring with us many high value insights and a force for the shared vision the industry has both at Dublin city level and country level. We are glad to be part of  Ireland’s English language learning industry and even more pleased to be able to contribute to maintaining Ireland as a sought-after country of educational excellence.

Dealing with people’s language use is an intimate process. Language school agents, school providers and course facilitators know very well that selling high quality products to individuals involves being able to offer very specific solutions for individuals. Students’ personal ability to use language can be variable and sensitive to many factors. Students who are sufficiently boosted by both good feelings and consistently supportive structures -most of all- are the students who thrive. College Green Language and Study guarantees improved communicative confidence to every client.

The CGLS Team is all multilingual and well-equipped to support students to use English. All staff at our school receive in house training on how to support and enhance the student’s opportunities to use the language they already know to practise, improve, learn, and become more communicatively confident in the English language. Our academic staff have significant experience in language teaching in various world cities, as well as in Ireland. Most of all, our academic staff are truly fond of language for language’s sake and every member of the team can support their student groups with insight into the difficulties of each language group, based on research, experience, previous knowledge, personal interest, and necessity for the student’s pathway to greater ownership and resultant confidence for their repository of English language skills.

The school has significant proximity and affinity with Trinity College Dublin, meaning we are well able to provide full support to agencies wishing to facilitate access to their clients, with information about third level studies at Trinity College Dublin as well as with preparation for formal applications to degree programs.

Our summer program runs on the beautiful main campus of Trinity College Dublin, where students will have the opportunity to enjoy the grounds and the rich aspects of the campus in their free time. All our students enrolled on courses based at the College, will take part in the official Trinity Trails guided walking tour and get access to view the Book of Kells, which is a ‘literary publishing wonder’ of Ireland.  Group courses on offer this summer are General English, IELTS and Medical English and we can also offer closed courses for family groups with young children and private students.

The school is in popular Dublin 2, full of university students, tourists, shoppers, and businesspeople. It is a historically charming area with several well established and extensive parks, museums, art galleries, theatres, and vibrant dining venues. You may know that the public transport system is very fair with Dublin Bus, the DART (train lines) and the LUAS (tram lines) available daily, some bus routes also operate on a 24-hour basis. Dublin 2 and surroundings is also pedestrian and cyclist friendly, so all in all, it’s easy to access the city and move around the city!

The fantastic part of our summer program is that we have an incredible introductory promo on now, to celebrate the launch of our school. Please make contact directly for these details.

We can advise, the summer program consists of 20 hours tuition per week for General English with a further 10 hours of our daily Dublin Explorer’s Program, the program is structured to integrate English language use specifically and is goal oriented.

For IELTS and Medical English, because these courses are academically weighted, students here will be offered 10 hours per week of guided self-study in the afternoons. Of course, any student on these courses who wishes to have a ‘break out’ day from formal afternoon study, may join an Explorer’s event. We encourage our students to approach language learning as an experience which does mean they can and should also enjoy Ireland from a tourist’s perspective. Reflection activities as a key to optimal learning is also included in every course.

College Green Language and Study ultimately offers language products based on the idea, ‘Experience English, enjoy Ireland.’ We do this, by driving language use and we provide learning opportunities for sustainability and a more humane world.

Give us a call to chat or send us a written message.

Wendy Kathleen Rogers

Director and Student Welfare Liaison

This article was authored by Wendy Kathleen Rogers and is an original work. It is being shared for the sole purpose of publication on the Schools and Agents website and their associated social media channels. No part of this work may be copied for use that does not relate to promotion of CGLS courses directly. The phrases ‘ Experience English, enjoy Ireland’ are also copyrighted as is our company ethos, ‘ We provide learning opportunities for sustainability and a more humane world.’ Should you wish to use any part of this article in print or electronic media, for promotional reasons for CGLS of for the marketing of ELT courses in Ireland generally, contact Wendy Kathleen Rogers directly at [email protected] for permissions. © 2023






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