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British Universities Branch Campuses

Published on Monday, November 13, 2017

It is true that the international reputation of the British higher education is really impressive. But what makes the UK such a popular educational destination? One of the main reasons is that as UK universities are associated with high quality education, the obtained degree will be recognized and respected wherever you end up being employed around the world.


Another significant factor is the development of language skills. Nowadays, the English language is undoubtedly of crucial importance in the global business area. Therefore, developing strong language skills enables you to succeed in the business arena.


Some secondary (but of equal importance) factors are the popularity in multiculturalism, the good reputation in international student life, the culture and a number of other reasons.


Despite the advantages mentioned above, unfortunately, Government Visa policies make the UK a difficult destination for international students and this is a limiting factor for those who want to obtain a UK Degree.


Well, not anymore! You can have the same benefits (or even more) of an internationally recognized UK Institution through one of their branch campuses all over the world.


Branch university campuses are in many ways a win-win-win phenomenon:

  • For the university, they mean more students and stronger ties with other countries.
  • For the host nation, they’re a quick way of boosting higher education standards and attracting more students, both local and international.
  • As for students, they receive a high quality education from a UK University in affordable prices in a friendly and safe environment.


Students must always have in mind that the degrees obtained from a branch campus are exactly the same with those received in the home campus! All programs are thoroughly vetted and are subject to regular and on-going checks.  This is to ensure that the quality and standards of the programs offered under a franchise agreement are of the highest standard.


Lectures are delivered in English Language, even thought it might not be the official language of the host nation.  Furthermore, academic faculty of a branch campus is approved by the home campus and students are subject to the same regulations and policies as students studying on-home campus.


When trying to find the perfect university, students often run through a checklist to determine which university they should attend.  One of the best destinations that offer UK Degrees is Cyprus. Studying in Cyprus will provide you with a vibrant and challenging environment. Cyprus, being a former British colony has a very high standard of English language skills (approx 75% of the population speaks fluent English). The cost of living in Cyprus is also very reasonable and the tuition fees are more affordable.


Culture-wise, Cyprus has a rich history and a very interesting past of invaders who have left their traces in the culture and history of the island. Studying in Cyprus will never be boring.


Last but not least, Cyprus is one of the safest European countries to live in. International students receive a quality education in affordable prices in a friendly and safe environment.



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