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How to Tuesday: How to get Great Content through Brainstorming (Part 2)

Published Bernice on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 12:00 AM

How to get Great Content through Brainstorming

As we have mentioned in our other article, having fresh ideas for social media content is essential in this day and age as it is the only way to increase customer engagement, especially in such a dynamic industry as International Education. We mentioned the importance of brainstorming sessions and we mentioned some point you can focus on to get more creative with these sessions; have a look at our previous article here.

In this article we are going to expand on that and give you further points on how you can get your team to focus on the task at hand and churn out fresh ideas.

Play Improvisation Games

Improvisation gets the juices flowing and will get your team feeling more relaxed; the more comfortable they are, the more they feel free to share all their ideas. This is a great way to get your team to be more at ease with each other, adds a little bit of laughs and your creative energy will be higher once you focus on the aim of the session.


This can help spur your creative insight and increase your attention span; with the visual language that doodling grants you access to, you think outside the traditional mindset and lets you approach ideas in a different way. Below are some options you can go for:

Start off with one word or idea, break it down and doodle only parts of it, thinking of the idea in its smaller parts will give you a fresh perspective.

Think of 2 unrelated items and doodle them into one image, this gives you more insight into new angles you can approach the task or campaign.

Change your Physical Environment

The change is not only a welcome change of pace but it can also give you a fresh perspective on the subject at hand. Try using rooms that are not usually used for team meetings, or if that is not possible, make changes in the room; this is proven to stimulate the brain and thus producing more ideas.

Keep it Small

Keep brainstorming groups small, that way everyone can surface their idea without being drowned out by everyone else. The bigger the group the bigger the risk of a cacophony of ideas that get you nowhere as well as increase the chances of diverting to other subjects that do not pertain to that particular brainstorming session. A group of 10 or less is proven to be sufficient enough to be able to come up with ideas that can be built and expanded on.

To summarize, get your team members at ease, be unconventional, change your pace and the environment and keep your brainstorming session members contained to smaller numbers and that is sure to stimulate the brain and get that creativity juice flowing.

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