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5 reasons to learn English with The Berlitz Method® in Malta

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Berlitz Method Malta

At Berlitz Malta, we are often asked what makes us different from other schools.

The first thing which we always mention is the Berlitz Method®.

This intuitive, conversational style of teaching is over 140 years old and it is registered as an international trade mark. We are very proud of this and we believe that the Berlitz Method® plays a crucial role in the progress of the language learning of our students.

Why is the Berlitz Method so important when learning a language? And what can one gain from learning with the Berlitz Method at Berlitz Language Centre Malta?

1. High percentage speaking time

We understand language as a tool for communication and focus on high percentage speaking time. All instructors use a conversational approach to engage the students in speaking in the target language only from day one. Only by speaking, students will be able to communicate in the new language quickly.

2. Intuitive grammar

There are no traditional grammar lesson which is often a relief for many of our students. We teach grammar in an intuitive way so that grammar rules are learned through the speaking and not through the grammar worksheets.

3. Building self-confidence when using the new language

We prepare our students how to communicate in real life situations. All exercises and discussions are based on current topics which students can refer to. We enable our students to gain confidence and feel comfortable communicating in an international and a global environment. 

4. Immersion in English language

Berlitz trainers use the Berlitz Method ® that correspond to the way students learn best and therefore enable students to make a fast progress. Our Berlitz books are built around the Berlitz Method ® and they can be used in every Berlitz School in the world.

5. Learning with Berlitz Method in Malta can give you an extra kick of motivation and a great holiday feel

Malta is a great choice. Malta is considered as one of the best English learning environments in Europe due to the English speaking nation, the beautiful location, the holiday feel climate and the friendliness of its people.  It is a country of a great history visited by more than a million tourists yearly from all over the world. Malta as multicultural English speaking country gives the students an extra kick of motivation to practice their language skills after school hours while exploring the Island, staying with English speaking family or at a hotel and meeting new people.

If you want to find out more about Berlitz Method ® and Berlitz Language Centre Malta please get in touch via email or visit our site for more info

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