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Returning to education: A journey of transformation and self-discovery

Published Bernice on Thursday, April 1, 2021 12:00 AM

Higher Education Malta

Have you ever considered returning to education? But unsure if a full-time college or university experience is right for you? Have you considered opting for a course that is designed to fit around your existing responsibilities and commitments? A course that is based on enhancing the life skills you already have?

We have all heard the term lifelong learning, but how many of us truly understand what is meant by this concept? We frequently see the term being banded around social media, appearing in the news headlines, or seen as educational jargon. But what does it mean to you and I? Definitions coexist across communities, often leading to confusion, carrying with it connotations of school and recollections of arduous studying. There are very few of us who recall fond memories of school. However, this does not mean we should ignore the fact that upgrading our knowledge, skills and competencies throughout our adult lives, underpins our wellbeing. Modern life can be a challenge at the best of times, the effects of globalisation and the fast-paced changes we witness across our personal and professional landscapes inevitably lead us to confront the changes before us. The ability to adapt to the ever-changing world we occupy entails the capacity to master and tweak the skills we already possess. If you are a parent, contemplating returning to work, or perhaps already working, but feel your passion lies elsewhere, vocational training is an option for you to consider.

“Our planet will not survive if it’s not a learning planet, and sustainable development will be achieved by learning through life” (Walters, 2010)

We tend to spend much of our adult lives thinking we are too old to return to education, or the timing isn’t right, or perhaps our memories of school conjure feelings of unrest. Whatever the reason, it is never too late, we are never too old and there is never the right time to make a change. If there is one thing that Covid-19 and the instability 2020/21 has demonstrated, is that the simple things in life do matter and this includes self-development. Vocational training is not school, rather it is a journey of self-discovery, reawakening your skills, competencies whilst constructing new ideas and interpreting new knowledge. It is the opportunity to join a learning community, to be involved with sharing lived experiences and harnessing your opportunity for growth. It is the second chance to update and refresh your professional prospects. Vocational training places you the student at the heart of the programme, where diversity and individuality are celebrated. Make a choice today that is for your tomorrow and remember the beautiful thing about education is that no one or anything can take it away from you!

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