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All-Inclusive Content and Social Media Packages

Published on Friday, March 9, 2018

We often meet friends and clients who express their concern that they either don't have the time, or the necessary human resources, or both, in order to maintain their social media platforms and their company's blog. Well, worry no more...we can help you!


We have designed different packages for you to choose from and from as little as €400 per month you can ensure that there is someone providing you with content to keep your social media platforms populated and your blog running. The basic package includes the following:


- One article per week (of 350 - 500 words) in English. The ownership of the articles will be yours.

- A weekly plan for your social media platforms - so that you have daily content being published on your platforms.

- Constant advice on how best to make use of social media.


We understand the struggle of trying to keep up with full inboxes, staff queries, phone calls, meetings, travelling and keeping up appearances on social media. So let us take care of this for you. Schools & Agents members will benefit from a 10% discount to mark our 10th anniversary this year if they book by the end of March.


We look forward to hearing from you. Happy weekend! :)


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