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Intrinsiq Support: “We will help you place your students into the perfect family!”

Published Bernice on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:00 AM

Intrinsiq will help you place your students into the perfect family at the click of a button.

In Marketing we speak a lot about the “Customer Journey” and at Intrinsiq we make sure that your customers’ stay at your school is indeed something to write home about. Members of staff who work within the Accommodation Department in their schools have often spoken to us about the challenges they meet when trying to allocate the student into the right kind of family. Well, we’ve got you covered. And we help you get it right the first time round at the click of a button! Here’s how!

The Challenges

Some of the challenges that schools talk to us about in terms of accommodation include the following:

  • Host families taking breaks from hosting students
  • Special student requests
  • Rooms being renovated
  • Host family issues that the school isn’t aware of
  • Having to chase host families to stay updated with their hosting situation
  • Lots of time spent on the phone trying to get hold of host families
  • Lots of emails being sent which are never seen or answered

Host Families update their own information on the system

The first important thing that Intrinsiq does is that host families are given access to this (and only this) part of the system, so that they can update their own info. This means that they can block off any periods during the year when they will not be available to host; they can update their info on the system as this changes (for example if they adopt a new pet, or if a new child is born into the family); they can update their info if they, for example, are doing any renovations in their home or blocking off one room in particular that needs some upkeep; etc. This way, your members of staff will save a lot of precious time having to chase them and follow up with them to keep their information up to date.

We match the right student with the right family at the click of a button!

This kind of automated matching is possible thanks to the data that members of staff enter into the Intrinsiq system about their accommodation options and students when they book. The system filters through the available accommodation options as per the booking date, and it also filters as per the student necessities, requirements and wishes. For example, if a student wants to stay in a single room in a host family without pets, the system will automatically filter out all those host families who do not have a single room option available during that particular period and those who have pets.

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